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Some of my favorite old shows — Not so pretty today.

Meteor Garden (Liu Xing Hua Yuan) is a stupid show. The guy is so NOT chivalrous. And he also did so many things that he could be charged in court for : attempted rape, assault, trespassing, mastermind of assault and harassment.

Are we fooling little girls into thinking he is the greatest lover ever? That this is the greatest love story ever and then raising victims of domestic violence? Look carefully. It is not pretty at all — their love story.

Some of the best screenings I’ve seen and loved in the past make me puke today.

My Best Friend’s Wedding: A woman cannot pursue her career without losing her greatest love? And the protagonist only married the girl who could follow him around on his traveling reporting job.


Movie Review on “Jesus Camp”: Preaching sin-consciousness extremelyn

My comment at Flixster got so lengthy I decided to blog about it. Jesus Camps is a documentary movie focusing on a Evangelical Church in Missouri and then highlighting the events at their church kid’s camp.

I wanted to watch this because I was a baby christian. Turns out this movie scared the hell out of me. If I was asked to be reborn from the message in the movie, I would rather kill myself. There was a scene where Pastor Becky Fischer welcome her group of campkids with a condemning message and the next day, put up powerpoint slides like “SIN” in uppercase Arial red font, and “THE PUNISHMENT FOR SIN IS DEATH”. She said to the camera, “There is a font that is bloody and red… ” She found that font and was so pleased with her “work”! Seriously, if anyone wants to know Jesus better, “Joseph Prince” would be the person to look up. Seeing the scenes in the movie was just like attending a service in America all over again, except the message was like glaring down at me. It’s so horrid.

Becky Fischer

It was after many days that i heard from my pastor’s video, “In many places, it seems like it is the purpose of the preacher to put as many people under condemnation or sin condemnation consciousness so that they cry, they wail before God, and they are really Continue reading

“August Rush”

I like the boy, because he reminded me to be faithful in my search for my happy self. Even when others tell him something contrary to facts, we just have to rely on the Word of God — that He wants everything for us, “even as our soul prospers”.

“The Kite Runner”

One of the movies I wanted to watch in the university theatre. But didn’t get a chance to.

This movie almost made me tear.

Many of the scenes that depict Afghanistan remind me of the Bible. Stoning of the woman adulterer, servant and master relationship for generations, master f**king (‘xcuse my language) the servant’s wife (remember who wanted to f**k Joseph? lol), the stone walls, sex crimes against women and child. (Child prostitution is not written in the Bible, I think it’s is an evolution of our postmodern society) So Old Covenant!

When the main character (Amir) went back to his hometown (Kabul, Afghanistan) and saw the kind of life he might have grew up in, he must have felt like a fish out of the water. But one who had a narrow escape out of the poison waters.

Bottom Line: I’m so glad Jesus came.

Their celebrations is so like Indian. Their worship is to like Malay—-Allah….!

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Into the Wild quote

You can do anything.
You can go anywhere.
Money. Power. Is an illusion.
It’s up here. You can be here.
Me and you.

A scene from the movie, Into the Wild, when Chris was surviving the winter in Alaska with no game, a sack of rice and a lot of boredom. I found that scene inspiring. It shows his thoughts, how he kept going, the way he ‘psycho’ himself to be strong. Mentally. Up here.

“Into The Wild”

Very good soundtrack.
Very good art direction.
Graphics tell a lot. Subtle.
Dialogue minimal. And some I don’t understand…
Very good use of transition, by music and pictures.
A lot of music notes from guitar strings.

Inspired from a book adaption of a true story–Christopher McCandless.
The kind of movie that can keep me glued once it starts playing, at whichever part it starts playing.

I read in this article on America social class that, the guitar is the “perfect instrument for the purpose of signaling [these] young people’s flight from the upper-middle and middle classes, associated [as it is] with Gypsies, cowhands, and other personnel without inherited or [often even] earned money and without fixed residence.” *(1)
-Young peoplenav-check-tick.gif
-Flight from upper-middle and middle classesnav-check-tick.gif
-Associate with gypsies, cowhands and other personnel without inherited or earned moneynav-check-tick.gif
-without fixed residencenav-check-tick.gif

Reality Bites
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Liz came over last night to watch “Hairspray” with me.

I’m crazy about its soundtrack and another movie’s, “Once”, shown in Sundance Festival. “Once” ‘s soundtrack is superb. Actually I think the movie is all about its music.

Hairspray was AMUSING-ly entertaining. Lol. Makes ya wanna groove too. It’s cute to learn how “cool” and “suave” was defined in that era. It’s kinda like when you look back at ya mistakes and blunders and you giggle and laugh now about it cos it was just so silly back then!

Watching movie with liz was definitely a new experience. She was pointing out to me the racist acts and names which I otherwise wouldn’t notice in all the glam and frill. Having some ancestory in the Native American makes her especially sensitive to such acts I guess. One example I remember is “cracker”, used to label the White back in those days but now just used as a joke. I wonder if “ang-moh” is offensive too. Like also she pointed out how the Blacks’ dance floor (in the movie) was separated by a chain from the Whites’. I was “Huh? Where?”


This is another one I want to watch too.