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All these people just make me feel like there’s something wrong with me for not desiring so fully and so desperately a LIFE PARTNER.

When they should be the one who should be driven to know WHOSE they belong to. The Awesome and Great God that will give them the BEST one.

Not saying there weren’t times when I felt fearful that I won’t be able to find someone.

andreayf Andrea YF
well galfriends and guy frens 😀
13 minutes ago

andreayf Andrea YF
Looking for independent girlfriends now who DOESN’T NEED a man to fulfill their life +desires but GOD AND GOD ONLY.
15 minutes ago

andreayf Andrea YF
The Cursed Man MISSES the blessings even as they are placed right under their nose.
17 minutes ago

andreayf Andrea YF
Same for making riches, making ummm travel… umm desires.. and goals ABOVE GOD. ANTI ANTI ANTI
19 minutes ago

andreayf Andrea YF
I am ANTI-making life partner ABOVE God.
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A brother is born to stand by you in adversity, not for your adversity.

Proverbs 17:17
“A friend loves at all times.
And a brother is born for adversity.”

Pastor really set me free from yesterday’s preaching. For too long I have thought that this means the relationships between sisters and brothers are not without conflict, when I found this verse I was actually very disappointed and used it to explain why my closest relationships are full of conflict… But what pastor said really opened my spiritual eyes to see that this verse means a brother is born to see thru each other’s adversity. We are working shoulder to shoulder against adversities, not looking at what is between us that is causing the conflict. Like an older brother taking care of a younger bro, pastor used this as an example.

How to remove green moss / algae on your specs / spectacles / glasses

I squeeze like 4 squirts of dishwashing detergent liquid into a bowl, fill it with water so that the green nose pads is completely submerged and just soak my specs in.

Wala! After submerging myself in other tasks, I came back and checked, to find 80% of the green moss gone!

Ok dip it in and sashay it a little in the detergent water. As you wash it in water, bubbles will be created. When the bubbles settle, you will notice that pieces of green moss (and maybe some pieces of dirt) would have fallen off and settle on the bottom of bowl.

Feeling very terrible on the computer without my specs, and too lazy to put on contact lenses.

Last check at the specs in detergent, no much improvement, so decided to take it out. I think it’s pretty good, considering 90% of the green color is gone. Also used tissue to stick in between and wipe.

After washing it in detergent, remember to dry it with a hairdryer, because humidity (made worse by actual water on the specs) is good cause of moss and algae growing.

Back in Singapore

Back in Singapore, been very busy with bro’s stuff and never really had time to do/eat the things i really want to.

Offers for Singaporeans are “cheapskate” sort. Offers in the US are like addictive and lets me lead life so much better that im willing to pay again and again. Seriously, how much can you beat at price?

I watched HK movies and found them so revoltingly VIOLENT and humanly degrading. Have I been brainwashed by too much F.R.I.E.N.D.S. harmless exchange of ?

Saving Heat Costs in winter/fall & saving everything else

I wanted to take some time … to congratulate myself… While everybody is congratulating the President-Elect (and I secretly feel enormously happy for him) I think its time to give myself that once-in-a-while pat on the back, the kind you give after you had, yet, scale another mountain. Or maybe just a molehill out of a series of molehills.

Today I am going to talk about what I did at home, in an effort to save energy, and energy cost. I pay for my own electricity and heat (in singapore, it would be a/c); I only get water free. But even then, hot water comes at a price because you need heat to get hot water (duhhhh).
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Singapore. My Home.

In the first semester, I wrote in this blog that I would get flashes of home now and then which would fill me with so much feelings of homesickness. I think I will start recording a description of these ‘flashes’.

The day before, I had a flash of… oh no I forgot.

Just now, walking to the ticket booth for 21 (Jillian’s in love with the male lead), my surroundings shook and melted away. My surroundings returned for a split second, but it’s not AMC, it looked like Cineleisure… Or VivoCity