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Pastor Joseph Prince – See the Father’s Love For You (Part 2)

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Movie Review on “Jesus Camp”: Preaching sin-consciousness extremelyn

My comment at Flixster got so lengthy I decided to blog about it. Jesus Camps is a documentary movie focusing on a Evangelical Church in Missouri and then highlighting the events at their church kid’s camp.

I wanted to watch this because I was a baby christian. Turns out this movie scared the hell out of me. If I was asked to be reborn from the message in the movie, I would rather kill myself. There was a scene where Pastor Becky Fischer welcome her group of campkids with a condemning message and the next day, put up powerpoint slides like “SIN” in uppercase Arial red font, and “THE PUNISHMENT FOR SIN IS DEATH”. She said to the camera, “There is a font that is bloody and red… ” She found that font and was so pleased with her “work”! Seriously, if anyone wants to know Jesus better, “Joseph Prince” would be the person to look up. Seeing the scenes in the movie was just like attending a service in America all over again, except the message was like glaring down at me. It’s so horrid.

Becky Fischer

It was after many days that i heard from my pastor’s video, “In many places, it seems like it is the purpose of the preacher to put as many people under condemnation or sin condemnation consciousness so that they cry, they wail before God, and they are really Continue reading

Pastor Joseph Prince – Give To God What’s Natural And He’ll Make It Supernatural

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Pastor Joseph Prince – God Is Not On The Frequency Of Condemnation

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Pastor Joseph Prince – When You Are Under Condemnation, God’s Favor Cannot Flow

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Pastor Joseph Prince – See the Father’s Love for you

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Pastor Joseph Prince – the root cause of your problem is condemnation

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