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Career-Religion-“Into the Wild”

Today I went for my mock interview. And I can’t help thinking of the quote from “Into the Wild”: “I think a career is a 21st century invention.” Maybe it’s cos I was also reading an article on Religion and Architecture–the author touched on what Religion seeked to find, the very reason for the orgin of Religion—the greater meaning of Man’s existence; why are we on this Earth?

work clothes


My Room from Facebook

My Room Facebook

Oh I loveeeeee decorating up an imaginary room. This is my work room in the future.

And YES, I love my room to be messy and filled with irrelevant stuff so that I have to tiptoe to get to anything and get creative. 🙂

My plan is: I don’t have a plan

Between Buffalo and NYC
Between NYC and Chicago
Between Chicago and Buffalo
Between Buffalo, NYC, Chicago and Singapore: Not Singapore.

Thinking about the future

I am going to stay in Buffalo. Staying for I have paid the rent. Can’t get a full refund.

So my job becomes the priority. Wherever my job will be, I will be. Whatever I have ‘set up’ in the house becomes not of importance and becomes part of my ‘mobility’ burden. Well, they are not the things that advances my life–my job is.

The things that can be seen really doesn’t last. Which makes me focus more on the things that can’t be seen.

Thinking about a job

The pattern keeps repeating. I don’t know what I want in a job. I can’t find a job. When I know what job I want, I realize their expectations doesn’t match my qualifications. And then I don’t know what I want in a job.

During all these searches high-and-low and all these incompatibility, I truly realize I am not of this world.

Grad School

I’ve decided to go to Grad School for the next 2 years.


I’ve decided to start budgeting my daily expenses and shopping expenses to maximum $200 per month.

Other expenses not included are:
Trips and Gear
Additional classes/courses not in Uni