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Graduation Trip, with Family

Ah I took such a long time to recover from my trip and all that hype about Graduation that WordPress had me logged out and that one by one I see my friends posting their grad photos in facebook that I must be the last. What? Did you just had another graduation?

So. Here I am. This is too big an event in my life to skip blogging about.


Over the last few weeks. Many many events took place.
-I graduate from college.
-My parents came to Buffalo.
-We then took off for a trip around Eastern US.
-L came to join me in NYC.
-We then return to Buffalo.

How did I even manage all these? I sure look happy in these pictures.
(Look out for captions under FB Photos. They better explain the story.)

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RoadTrip Nation @ UB – Is Bohemian Your Kind of Life?


Hmmm… *thinks for a moment*. Maybe Modern Bohemian… I want none of those dirt and dust mites and I want 24 hours wireless Internet access…

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Dave Barry and my shriveling belly

The same lecturer, in the same lecture, introduced us to Dave Barry’s pieces as examples of using humor in writing. And I cannot stop laughing…

dave-barry-website humor \"if you leave this web site, i will kill this defenceless toilet\"
A visit to his website.

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Humor in real life

Today in English class, our lecturer introduced us to “Humor”.

“One way to do it,” she said, “Is to pile it all up, sorta like adding it one sentence after another sentence of details, until it bursts into a tension of laughter.”

Of course, this is my memory of what she said. She talks so fast …

So I thought of the chat we had yesterday.

“There it is–YOUR pothole.”
“There’s puddle in it.”
“There’s a straw in it.”
“It’s a pink straw.”


This is definitely not an accurate example of her teaching, but the idea remains! Piling it up, sentence by sentence, in details, until it gets ridiculous.

The real example is:

Apparently there’s a clause in the standard Television Performers’ Contract stating that every character in a medical drama gets to take a crack at emergency patients.
First doctor: I’ll give him a shot!
Second doctor: I’ll pound his chest!
Third doctor: I’ll stick a tube way up his nose!
Fourth doctor: I’ll find an unoccupied section of his body and cut it open for no good reason!
Janitor: I’ll wash his mouth out with a toilet brush!

This is the sort of “piling up, details” she taught.

“Environment >> Forest >> BBQ Birds”

For my INF (Infomatics 102) assignment, we are asked to draw out a mind-map of meta-tags for an pseudo online recipe database. I gave my best shot.

And am pretty proud of it. Heeeheee.

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Data-mining instead of The Bible

You look at my Twitter and you know I’m up to something.

I’ve been trying to go for some of those very interesting seminars, that UB offer for 1 credit. But I don’t need the credit, really. I’m already graduating!

I went for

The Bible
Instructor: Diane Christian
Department: English
Day and Time: Wednesday, 2:00 – 2:50 pm
Location: 610 Clemens Hall
Section: NNN
Registration Number: 098460
Hebrew and Christian Bible Highlights. The seminar will look at 14 famous stories—including Adam & Eve, Abraham & Sarah, Joseph, Moses, Ruth & Esther, David, Isaiah’s suffering servant, Job, Ecclesiastes, The Song of Songs, Chris, Mary, the Acts of the Apostles, the Apocalypse.

without realising it is for next Fall. Which is good news for me! Because I initially wanted to go for

Data Mining: Myths and Realities
Instructor: Satish Tripathi
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Day and Time: Mondays, 4:00 – 4:50 pm
Location: 257 Capen
Section: DDD
Registration Number: 130892
During the last decade the rate of data generation and storage has increased exponentially. In fact, predictions estimate the codified data generated will double every eleven hours within the next couple of decades. This rate of data generation will make it extremely difficult to get the desired information for a common user. Data-mining provides a very important tool to find “information” from data. In this seminar we will study discovery of information from huge data. Applications range from business, humanities to biological sciences.

but when it started disappearing from the webpage (replaced by Fall’s schedule) I thought it was over for me.


Housemates and Guys above are sneaky little people

First they broke my bucket without telling me, i mean come’on, just tell me, i won’t bite. Nobody owns up.

And these are just the current semester’s “breaks”.

Then the other day, Rachel asked me if I had a plunger because the toilet bowl is stuck again. Then she briefly mentioned that the boys upstairs used the toilet bowl scrub and broke it. It took me a few weeks to realise it was my toilet brush they were using. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE. CAN’T TELL ME?

Rachel invited this whole bunch of alcoholics into the house, so many that they filled every inch of the house with their 2 feet, and poor rachel had to feed them with MY orange juice. No apology. No nothing. No permission.

Should I even have lent Rachel my luggage bag? She can’t even be honest with me?

Rachel invites a party into the house and produces garbage can-size of garbage and happily leaves it in the house for a few weeks.


NYC is pretty dirty anyway. Maybe she’ll blend well.

And lots of dishonest people. Blend well too.

Full of rude people. BLEND WELL. (Did I tell you how she likes to repeat after me, like a parrot?)
ME: You know, I had a call from this really well-known agent about a job i really like.
Her, eyes dazed somewhere in the distance, mouth manage to snort out: well-known.
ME: I had a stomach ache.
Her: stomach ache.
ME: I am sexy.
Her: sexy.
Me: I love eggs.
Her: Love.
Me: You suck lots of cock.
Her: cock.
Me: You change boyfriends every month.
Her: boyfriends
Me: Andee deserted you.
Her: deserted
Me: You like to bring boys home, into your bedroom.
HER: bedroom

Isn’t that neurotic or what?

HYPOCRITE. All smiley when she needs some things for me.

My hair-dryer didn’t work after she said she wants to borrow it. UH-HUH?