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Singapore Travel Agent Scam on deals: How to check travel agency background

In light of the recent Singapore travel agency scam on group-sharing deals, i thought i would list down ways to find out how accredited and authentic a travel agency is. The news article reported victims bought mostly tours to neighbouring countries, like Batam, Bali.

1) Check at the National Association of Travel Agency whether it is still registered.

2) Check whether it is still licensed with the Singapore Tourism Board.

3) Check whether is it accredited with CASETrust.

4) Take up Travel Insurance. Standard Chartered has a year-long travel insurance.

5) Go to Small Claims Court Singapore.

Scammed victims gather at Facebook to complain.
Facebook: Far East Travel & Lifestyle Unhappy Customer
Facebook: Far East Travel & Lifestyle Pte Ltd BAD Service
Facebook: Far East Travel & Lifestyle Pte Ltd (Feedback)



Today is 除夕。 I happen to be at Day 56 of the 100 favors book. And it talks about the Passover. Last night, I was reading about Jacob and as I flipped, I reached Exodus and I remembered Glen my guitar teacher talking about the Passover as similar to Chinese New Year and it dawned on me what the Passover was all about. I read the words in the bible, the LORD said “I shall Passover.” The LORD was talking about Himself.

And then I wrote this:
“Passover. To celebrate the Lord’s hand of protection and deliverance from Egypt.”

In 100 favors book, the Passover demonstrates HIS GOODNESS AND HIS FAITHFULNESS! Not by anything we did but by HIS GOODNESS AND HIS FAITHFULNESS!

Holy Communion with the Bible/A won battle in “gay marriage” with the US Gov

Taking the Holy Communion every morning before work has been an easy habit for me to pick up. Perhaps too much of a habit that I lost the meaning of it.

Watching the “Health and Wholeness Through the Holy Communion” reminded me of the way to partake — partaking worthily.

To partake worthily is not to judge oneself and then go away from the Lord because one is full of sin. To partake worthily is to judge how much Jesus has done for us on that little piece of bread and ¼ pint of drink and take it, with full consciousness of the pain and suffering Jesus went through to give us the ultimate blessing, divine health. Continue reading

User of Jefferson Road – Almost Accidents and Witness to Accidents

I have been using Jefferson Road for as long as I started work in Rochester NY, about 2 months ago. Not long, but long enough to know it is a dangerous road.

It is a very busy road, especially in the peak hours, 7-9 and 4-8, and a very straight road. It is a very convenient road that brings people from the East straight to the West on the suburbs of Rochester, and many from SouthEast to join the highway to the city. But seriously I think people love it because it gets us straight from East Rochester to West Rochester, and vice versa with no hassle. And it is also a one-lane road.

Much as it is useful, joining Jefferson Rd is like fleeing for your life that involved accelerated heart-beating, the occasional car horn and the risk of getting into accidents and endangering your life, if not high blood pressure from all that stress. Driving along Jefferson Rd is like being in the hot seat; you constantly look out for inconsiderate users and sudden Continue reading

How I save Gas

Gas prices goes up by a few cents with every trip to the gas station. Somebody do something! It used to be 3.70 something per gallon, then its 3.90 something, now it is 4.09 a week ago and the all new 4.20 I haven’t used yet. A full tank of 12 gallons now cost me close to 50 USD. I am trying to make it last as long as possible.

During Driving
-Put on neutral gear whenever possible, like at red lights and down a slope.
-Unload unnecessary items off the car, like Continue reading

Work and Stay in the U.S.. Diversity Lottery and H1-B. I am thinking of getting PR(Permanent Resident) in the U.S.. I went to this workshop a few weeks ago named “Immigration and Work in the U.S.” on campus, and found several ways to work and stay in the U.S..

Every international student knows getting a H1-B visa is the next step after you complete your OPT (Optional Practical Training). But it is not easy, because it requires your employer to pay for and process the registration for you, so your employer must really love you. Once you get past that, you are subjected to the U.S. 6,500 foreign workers cap. This is where most people can’t get through. Or you can choose to work for organizations which are not subjected to the cap, such as — volunteer organizations or the Universities. Yes I know what you’re thinking, I can always try UB, my University.

Most people like getting PR. Because most people would have decided they love U.S. enough Continue reading

Summary of How Technology Almost Lost the War: In Iraq, the Critical Networks Are Social – Not Electronic

By Noah Shachtman.

This article discusses about winning a war, comparing techniques using technology versus communities. Both techniques uses networks, but in a slightly different way.