Liz came over last night to watch “Hairspray” with me.

I’m crazy about its soundtrack and another movie’s, “Once”, shown in Sundance Festival. “Once” ‘s soundtrack is superb. Actually I think the movie is all about its music.

Hairspray was AMUSING-ly entertaining. Lol. Makes ya wanna groove too. It’s cute to learn how “cool” and “suave” was defined in that era. It’s kinda like when you look back at ya mistakes and blunders and you giggle and laugh now about it cos it was just so silly back then!

Watching movie with liz was definitely a new experience. She was pointing out to me the racist acts and names which I otherwise wouldn’t notice in all the glam and frill. Having some ancestory in the Native American makes her especially sensitive to such acts I guess. One example I remember is “cracker”, used to label the White back in those days but now just used as a joke. I wonder if “ang-moh” is offensive too. Like also she pointed out how the Blacks’ dance floor (in the movie) was separated by a chain from the Whites’. I was “Huh? Where?”


This is another one I want to watch too.


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  1. Posted by Li Rong on January 17, 2008 at 4:52 am

    my gosh, SISTA!!! i want to watch into the wild too..! in fact, im trying to get the book..! anw, “once” seems pretty interesting too:)

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