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Land Tours to Europe/UK from Singapore

Trafalgor Tours – more expensive, can book thru chan bros
Contiki Tours – cheaper, hot property, can book thru chan bros
Insight Vacations – managed by Chan bros also.
Expat Explore – not bad! Overseas customer service number though…


Travel-Safe Body Straps: on arm, thigh, ankles.

i found this:

Singapore Travel Agent Scam on deals: How to check travel agency background

In light of the recent Singapore travel agency scam on group-sharing deals, i thought i would list down ways to find out how accredited and authentic a travel agency is. The news article reported victims bought mostly tours to neighbouring countries, like Batam, Bali.

1) Check at the National Association of Travel Agency whether it is still registered.

2) Check whether it is still licensed with the Singapore Tourism Board.

3) Check whether is it accredited with CASETrust.

4) Take up Travel Insurance. Standard Chartered has a year-long travel insurance.

5) Go to Small Claims Court Singapore.

Scammed victims gather at Facebook to complain.
Facebook: Far East Travel & Lifestyle Unhappy Customer
Facebook: Far East Travel & Lifestyle Pte Ltd BAD Service
Facebook: Far East Travel & Lifestyle Pte Ltd (Feedback)

Back in Singapore

Back in Singapore, been very busy with bro’s stuff and never really had time to do/eat the things i really want to.

Offers for Singaporeans are “cheapskate” sort. Offers in the US are like addictive and lets me lead life so much better that im willing to pay again and again. Seriously, how much can you beat at price?

I watched HK movies and found them so revoltingly VIOLENT and humanly degrading. Have I been brainwashed by too much F.R.I.E.N.D.S. harmless exchange of ?

How I save Gas

Gas prices goes up by a few cents with every trip to the gas station. Somebody do something! It used to be 3.70 something per gallon, then its 3.90 something, now it is 4.09 a week ago and the all new 4.20 I haven’t used yet. A full tank of 12 gallons now cost me close to 50 USD. I am trying to make it last as long as possible.

During Driving
-Put on neutral gear whenever possible, like at red lights and down a slope.
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Graduation Trip, with Family

Ah I took such a long time to recover from my trip and all that hype about Graduation that WordPress had me logged out and that one by one I see my friends posting their grad photos in facebook that I must be the last. What? Did you just had another graduation?

So. Here I am. This is too big an event in my life to skip blogging about.


Over the last few weeks. Many many events took place.
-I graduate from college.
-My parents came to Buffalo.
-We then took off for a trip around Eastern US.
-L came to join me in NYC.
-We then return to Buffalo.

How did I even manage all these? I sure look happy in these pictures.
(Look out for captions under FB Photos. They better explain the story.)

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Weekend in Rochester

Had the most relaxing weekend in Rochester, with fellow Singaporean Lina. Drove 1.5 hours from Buffalo at a speed of 75 miles (120km/h) for most of the ride. WOW!

The sun was so good, we had to go to a park.
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