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Saw the first of fall leaves

On Sunday, I saw the first of leaves for fall — leaves in red. Although ugly and sickly and pales in luster beside trees in full bloom and weeds and painted buildings, my memory brought me back to the Autumn Wonderland I had in Letchworth State Park.

Remember this?

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More….the Mandarin ducks with their green heads

mandarin ducks, green heads
I have never seen ducks with GREEN heads.

Spring budding outside my apartment

Just yesterday morning, I was looking at the bright bright piercing sun and then at the skeleton branches remains of the tree outside my window. Then at the sun. Then at the skeleton branches again. Something doesn’t seem right.

Listen. Birds are chirping too.

Then I realise what’s wrong.
Skeleton branches! Why aren’t you sprouting with spring leaves???

Walking home from classes, I saw this…. which filled me up with hope…

Trees budding
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Spring wear!

One t-shirt, a long-sleeve shirt, jeans (no tights)
Finally, my watch can be seen…!

tshirt, jeans, long-sleeve shirt


The weather is beginning to turn really sunny and cool in the day, because of the bright piercing sunlight that appears from around 9 a.m. to 7 p.m..

I can hear voices from the grass outside the building. People are having picnics, sun-tanning, doing assignments, and just hanging out in the sun. I think its a good time to go to the beach now!

picnic outside flint, ub, spring has arrived
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“They kicked Pluto out.”

During Informatics class this morning… classmates updated my very dusty library of solar system info.








I talk in pictures too.

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Summer in Buffalo: The Animals are Returning

Summer is coming to Buffalo.Last night, it just snowed. However it doesn’t make one give up hope of summer ever reaching. Because summer is coming for sure.I am beginning to hear sounds that was so familiar. Sounds from when I first arrived in August 2007. Sounds that are ignored in tropical Singapore. Birds chirping. Animals running on pavements.