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All these people just make me feel like there’s something wrong with me for not desiring so fully and so desperately a LIFE PARTNER.

When they should be the one who should be driven to know WHOSE they belong to. The Awesome and Great God that will give them the BEST one.

Not saying there weren’t times when I felt fearful that I won’t be able to find someone.

andreayf Andrea YF
well galfriends and guy frens πŸ˜€
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andreayf Andrea YF
Looking for independent girlfriends now who DOESN’T NEED a man to fulfill their life +desires but GOD AND GOD ONLY.
15 minutes ago

andreayf Andrea YF
The Cursed Man MISSES the blessings even as they are placed right under their nose.
17 minutes ago

andreayf Andrea YF
Same for making riches, making ummm travel… umm desires.. and goals ABOVE GOD. ANTI ANTI ANTI
19 minutes ago

andreayf Andrea YF
I am ANTI-making life partner ABOVE God.
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Yup, gifts is definitely one of my love language — ie people showing love to me can consider getting me a gift. I define a gift as anything that is physically an object. Even a card with words is considered a gift.

And finally figured out how and why and under what kind of situation is it considered showing love to me.

“When they buy me gifts to show how much they appreciate me.”

Yup. Not on birthdays. Not on anniversaries. Honestly, gifts on those days makes it less significant, time would actually speak volumes. The thought going into spending the time together, making it special. Not just like any other day.

GIFTS on appreciation are like, when someone brought me some food from their home just because I gave them a ride. Or someone buys me a drink just because we happen to be thirsty at the same time. πŸ™‚

The 5 Love Languages

As i was checking out all the love languages of Gary Chapman, i finally understood wad it means to be so secure in Jesus’ love for you that you overflow, have an outpour of love for others. IN THEIR love lang. πŸ™‚ (not yours)

Let me tell you how I arrived. The 5 love languages. No matter how many times i did the quiz, something’s amiss. its like i cant really put my loving ways into these 5 boxes. “pick, choose one or two” was never going to work for me. The reason is because what i would feel as love when people express it to me is NOT how i would express it to others. so its not always true physical touch translates to love for me. if someone touched me, i would freeze. and i dont necessary like ANY-one to touch me (because touching has so much meaning to me, cant just share it w anyone right?) but then again, under certain conditions, i would touch to express love. Tilts head to one side in puzzlement. So its very weird…. So then right there and then I realise that how you want to be loved is NOT how you show your love and this is probably true for everyone. So then how does people know how to show you love if not learnt from how you show love to others? For example, you constantly buy presents for your husband, he thinks its how you receive love, so he’s been wrecking his brains all week to get you something priceless too, not knowing you think he’s the world’s sexiest when he tells you you look beautiful despite not having your eyelash extensions on. Everyone’s love language is so different from each other (yes even between soul mates) and so tailored to each others’ individuality its impossible take down mental notes of how to perfect your expression of love for another’s love language. So you see there is no perfect world. The only perfect work was done at the cross. Only His love is perfect for you and to you. Then I see it, to be so secure and fed so fully in JESUS’ LOVE for me that it overflows to others, and that, my friend, is how you can always speak your loved ones’ love languages. It is no then, no longer about you and how YOU want to be loved. It is outpouring, an overflow of love through you. You are the channel, the vessel of which love comes from. And love comes from the Savior. Not your partner, your BFF (best friends forever), or even your parents. If you have ever read the Bible, especially the New Testament and you search for the word “love”, you’ll be amazed to find out how the Bible literally records many verses of how love came from the Father (He loved us and therefore we love —(others)) and was shown at the cross, and how Jesus is our love gift from the Father. His crucifixion was the greatest display of love ever. I mean like, ever and forever, even until now and very definitely in the future.

My love lang to others, lets see.
telling others how appreciative i am of their individuality (oh i like that on myself too), letting them know im thinking of them by constant contact. physical touch (depends on comfort level). acts of service.

Love lang I am uncomfortable with for receiving -acts of service (do you see the irony?!??!)
love for peeps to tell me how much they love me. or how good i look or i am. i think i can get used to that.
love when spend time tog spontaneously, uninhibited, doing crazy stuff, traveling together (can be like holidays or just taking walks and sharing), just chilling and talking. Traveling off together has a very intimate meaning for me.

Love Language is not written in stone, not mine or yours. We constantly explore ourselves and develop senses of love language we like or dislike. So keep learning! About Jesus of course *winkie*

P/S: Cos we are made in the image of Him. πŸ™‚ We are made in HIS image.

//update nov 15//
My love lang to others is to buy VERY expensive gifts that they like or need, the most expansive range in the category that I think they would like or need. When others want to give me I hope its more like a physical representation of their thoughts and love for me. For example, they know I like to drink water, and they prepare some before meeting me. Or giving me some food from the house when I give them a ride. Or they saw this item in the store and thought of me. Aw how sweet. When you want to say thank you, its much more appreciated by me if its expressed with gift, to me la πŸ˜› Or play with my soft toys/things/toys.

1 Year Anniversary Self-Employment

Definitely crossed some milestones. This being the first. Truly, liberation and freedom requires more self-control than having your time tied. My first year of self-employment was still about work work work, struggling to “make it big”, “make it to the top”, struggling to acquire more secret stash of cash so I can have financial freedom. When my work sucked, or when sales did not rake in as much as I would want, I alternate between spending all my time sulking and then not knowing where to spend my time on, on the trivial, trying to set things right.

This second year of self-employment, business takes on a back seat. The breakthrough I asked God for came through. Not in monetary sense, not in like a big client, but in “the power to get wealth”. God is faithful. He gave me a direction. He gave a word and its is a year-long project πŸ™‚ Now I am more focused on living my life, focused on my body. Now I know, my greatest treasure is me. My freedom is in the mind. I own every minute of my time right now, and I know what to do with them. Business is still important, it brings in the cashflow, that’s just it. πŸ™‚

Before I had breakthrough, I learnt to bring God into my work, learnt to integrate work with God. No more struggling, cos struggling is all about human effort. Let God and let go.

To E: The most important thing I have learnt is to ASK. Ask God. I may look like I am mumbling to myself or to desktop accessories, and that He did not hear. But He does. Ask in Jesus name and believe with a peace that you have received. To double confirm you have received, THANK Him grateful you have received.

Sleeping Booths! This was my idea!

I can just imagine the ad go: “I’ve always had a busy life, sometimes i work the whole night and have a morning presentation. By noon, I usually am ready to collapse. Now I can collapse in a sleeping booth. Sorta like a phone booth, or a washroom cubicle, but so much better.”

Seriously, the above? Is all me.

When you see Blangadesk construction workers sleeping on the grass, do you need to think twice about sleeping booths?

When you hear colleague complaining about being tired, do you need to think twice abotu sleeping booths?

Napping in toilet cubicles can be bad for you, as shown in Duff’s case, who got arrested while napping inside a portable toilet. No one is clear why is he arrested.

Do I hear hotels? Hotel 81?

NO! I mean like a portable sleeping booth, like a vending machine filled with snacks, except Sleeping Booth is filled with silence, tranquility and quality rest, a place to interpret dreams if you may. It is completely sound-proof, and has lots of stuff to help u destress. And is limited to 30minutes of use at a cheap price.

Memorable Quotes of the day

Just reading. Not even reading more than usual. In fact, less than usual. But found some really awesome awesome quotes.

Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, once said, β€œWhen you run G.E. there are 7 – 12 times a year when you have to say β€˜you’re doing it my way’. If you do it 18 times, the good people will leave. If you do it 3 times, the company falls apart.”

Dad of Bob Parson, CEO of “When you love something, it tells you all of its secrets.” In the video, “Want to build a HOT Business? 5 Steps that get YOU there. How they worked for Me!”

Twinkle Stars

I asked her to sing to me and this is what she sang:

twinkle star shining
twinkle star glowing
twinkle star blinking
twinkle stars together
twinkle stars singing together to you

Can you guess what song is it?