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The Notion of Expert – as long as you know a little more than others.

Exactly one month ago, I started posting regularly about anything and everything I find interesting about Online Marketing… my aim was to play the expert by sharing my knowledge.

2 weeks later, I got a quotation request for a design job.
Another week later, I got another quotation request for a web developing job.
Today, I got a friend in IT asking me about hosting.

I also started adding mass amounts of people but the contacts above are from known friends, people whom I have more than once and had conversations more than once.

Although these requests are not very relevant to my particular field of interest, but it just shows at which level the Singapore is progressing for the Web / Internet industry. Most companies are still stuck at web development needs. And then after that, they don’t maintain it and do not see the use and need of a website. This is where I come in. I dust your website and bring it out to meet people.

Tim Ferris was right: to be the expert, you don’t need to know everything about a subject, you just need to know a little more than the average person.


My method of getting (quality) Twitter followers

There are a lot of ways of getting Twitter followers. When Twitter allowed the option of auto-follow-back-those-who-followed-you, many spam accounts were created just so that reciprocation is met. And in fact, many lists were created for twitter accounts who auto-followback so that those who wants to increase their follower counts can add these fellows.

There are however some orthodox ways to get the kind of followers you are targetting. Twitter, like any website, thrives on the golden rule of creating good content.

-Follow followers of twitter users who are like you. Eg. you are a chef, find other chef twitter accounts and follow their followers.

-Use tags to tweet about topics you are interested in and soon people who are interested in your topics will find you.

-What if your intended audience do not check their following list very often? Doesn’t help that the official Twitter app does not allow you to approve/disappove followers. I have also found that retweeting their tweets with a personalized content is far more effective than sending them a direct message. My DM box is filled with hundreds of messages the moment I start mass following accounts. And it is no secret that twitter management apps and subscriptions out there is So retweeting with a personalized message would definitely make you stand out. Eg. Apple is fixing their antenna!! RT @yflcsandi iPhone 5 to have these features:



-Add your twitter profile to a list on Twibes. You can add yourself up to 10 lists.
[20 July 2011]

-Make your own list, distribute it around on twibes/twitter/email/facebook and ask for contributions. “Anybody else you can think of to add to the list of ‘Singapore’s Food Bloggers’?”
[20 July 2011]

If you would like to build your followers very fast and crave on all the auto-followers I mentioned above, here are the lists I found:

**Please note that Twitter disabled their auto-followback function but these accounts might still be actively following back accounts manually. from

Combining the Sims and Second Life

How come no one thought of that? The Sims could interact with each other. Your Sim could buy from my Sim. Our Sims can go on living their own lives, without any trouble while I am offline. By owning Sims more than 1 avatar, I have a better reach. And then Electronic Arts and Maxis can solve the problem of thinking up more neighbourhoods for the Sims game. Because the neighbourhoods would be created by the gamers.

Make Money Studio? Is it real?

It’s free. So i signed up.

Another one of those affiliate-owned sites. Affiliates signed up for the affiliate program of those brand names you see on the site (Netflix, eBay, postoffice, Acai) and then they make you sign up thru their affiliate links. How do they pay you? They are paid by the merchants for recommending you. You get a fraction of what they learn. Or less.

How to close that Navteq map?!

Take a look at this webpage.

careerbuilder jobsite navteq maps cannot close

careerbuilder jobsite navteq maps cannot close

It looks perfectly normal, and very functional until you put your mouse over that map. And all Hell break loose.

navteq maps blocking text, no way to close it

navteq maps blocking text, no way to close it


And then no matter what, that map won’t close.

I sent an email to ‘Contact Us’ at Navteq, it went like this:
“i’m at a job listing. i browse the description and accidentally hover my mouse over your maps. Your map enlarges itself on my page and covers some of the very important text i was reading. I look around for an ‘x’, clicked on all the buttons available on the maps and outside the maps itself, right-click, left-click, ctrl-click and nothing happens. Finally i give up and refreshes the page. i tiptoes my cursor around your map because i am not sure there is a way to close that thing. Or is there?”

I wonder what they’ll say.

If you need to play with 1 live example, search around CareerBuilder for a job.

Some advice when contacting Google Base support

There is no phone numbers that will work.

The best place to get a humane and fast response is at their Forum.

There are 2 regulars (possibly employees of Google) who will give speculated but more than likely accurate answers based on the jargon of their policies which the layman sometimes do not comprehend: Celebird and Tom Wilson

Well what else do you expect right? The larger a conglomerate, the harder it is to hold on to one person for responsibility.

How to call Google Base Customer Support and get a live rep

Well, no point getting any live rep. I spoke to a Google operater (a rather impatient one) and all she could tell me is that Google Base offers only online support and to go to their blog, of which she gave me the web address.

I will show you how to call Google Base customer service support on your phone.

Write down this number: (650) 253-0000
This is the general Google customer support number.

Go to Google Base Blog.

Find a name under any of the entries who looked like they can help you with your specific problem. I was looking for general support.

I called at 3:50 EST. They were still available.

I called again at 5:27 EST and got a voicemail.

Incidentally, I found that this number “650-253-0000” corresponds to their office in California on their “Contact Us” website.

Why are they not picking up?