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Alcohol Flash Card

there are only 3 kinds of alcohol

– beer – fermentation – 4-6% alcoholic strength (ABV)

– wine – fermentation – 9-16% alcohol by volume (ABV), eg white wine, red wine, rose wine, sparkling wine aka champagne, dessert wine, fortified wine.

– spirits – fermentation and distillation – 20% ABV eg whiskey, vodka


Weight Loss?!?!

Another milestone that I need to blog about. I checked my weight on mummy’s scale. And I am 54 kg?!?!?! Probably the last time I saw myself weigh like that is….. in primary school????? I have always been teetering at 59-60 kg, the best I got to was 57 kg. But now… what did I do? All I did was change my diet to more protein-based, the only significant thing I did was to wake up every morning in time for breaskfast and have 2 delicious eggs with soya sauce and white pepper. Yumyum. For about 3 weeks now.

Oh gosh. I feel fainty. God is so good to me. His kind of blessings really swept me off my feet.

Old-fashioned Asian Corn Soup with pork ribs and carrots

Hello! getting my cooking momentum up again…
Forced to cook in a way.. When the Lord says, “No work, no eat” he also meant, “If you shall not cook, you shall not eat.”

corn soup traditional asian

corn soup traditional asian

Oh well, cooking is a pleasure. I always get such satisfaction when my food turns out edible and taste like it should.

So, recently I stole another recipe from Mummy’s encyclopedia Continue reading

Fried Rice

The most tedious.

3 days. 3x in a row on the final day.
And the final product–>

Ran into a few problems:
rice too wet
rice clumps for their life when the heat is too much
mixed veges has funny smell

experimented with electric heat, because, unlike fire, electric heat doesn’t know when to stop
rubbed salt on veges and fry it before the rice to get rid of the smell
cooked rice with A LOT lesser water and refregerate the night before

Yum! This is enough for 3 meals or 3 persons!

P/S: The sliced sausage you see there is beef. IT IS YUMMY!!! Sweet sausage!

My very own George Foreman indoor griller.

First grill, or toast.

PB230307 first griller

Random and pork

Today I realised out how my mum preserved her pork in the freezer for TWO months.


I thought it up when I bought pork that came with salt and the expiry was way past those that came fresh.

I probably haven’t been putting up pictures but I have been cooking. Mostly clearing my cupboard cos I haven’t gone to the grocery for a few weeks now. When I finally went, stock up $114 of goods. Nice. And souvenirs for SG.

Today, 22nd Nov, was Thanksgiving! pictures up soon…

Mashed Potatoes

Guess what?

boiling potatoes

Ok I know the title already gave it away…

mashed potato

In case you’re wondering what the puddle of yellow liquid stuff is? It’s olive oil, uncooked. VideoJug says olive oil goes well with mashed potato.

One thing I’ve learnt: Singaporean mashed potato, (those cooked at house parties) are lazy mashed potatoes, they are not put thru sieves hence some solids are still left.