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Strenghts Finder Strengths Description that resonates.

Driven by your talents, you usually choose to spend most of your time with adults instead of youngsters.

By nature, you probably enjoy reading self-improvement books. Tips, exercises, suggestions, questions, or resource lists tend to capture your interest when the topic aligns with your needs.

Few things delight you as much as being able to talk with others about your latest discoveries.

You like to exchange ideas with individuals who are as well-read as you are.

you lose enthusiasm or become bored when you are forced to
follow standard operating procedures. Periodically you wonder if you are in the right job or course of study when your creativity is stifled. Maybe you are frustrated by people who conclude that your inventive suggestions are forms of criticism or insubordination.


Managing Email Tips – how not to feel overwhelmed when you check in! (Gmail)

-Prepare 2 spam accounts (one for NEVER checking in, another for only checking in when you calendar tells you to)
-Make use of Gmail’s Delegated accounts to check spam accounts in an instant. Do not forward emails from spam accounts to your main account.
-Lazy to archive? You can limit your page view to show 10 or 15 emails max so emails will just “disappear out of your screen” automatically.
-Create multiple inbox to contain emails you want to keep an eye on but not necessarily act on it.

My method of getting (quality) Twitter followers

There are a lot of ways of getting Twitter followers. When Twitter allowed the option of auto-follow-back-those-who-followed-you, many spam accounts were created just so that reciprocation is met. And in fact, many lists were created for twitter accounts who auto-followback so that those who wants to increase their follower counts can add these fellows.

There are however some orthodox ways to get the kind of followers you are targetting. Twitter, like any website, thrives on the golden rule of creating good content.

-Follow followers of twitter users who are like you. Eg. you are a chef, find other chef twitter accounts and follow their followers.

-Use tags to tweet about topics you are interested in and soon people who are interested in your topics will find you.

-What if your intended audience do not check their following list very often? Doesn’t help that the official Twitter app does not allow you to approve/disappove followers. I have also found that retweeting their tweets with a personalized content is far more effective than sending them a direct message. My DM box is filled with hundreds of messages the moment I start mass following accounts. And it is no secret that twitter management apps and subscriptions out there is So retweeting with a personalized message would definitely make you stand out. Eg. Apple is fixing their antenna!! RT @yflcsandi iPhone 5 to have these features:



-Add your twitter profile to a list on Twibes. You can add yourself up to 10 lists.
[20 July 2011]

-Make your own list, distribute it around on twibes/twitter/email/facebook and ask for contributions. “Anybody else you can think of to add to the list of ‘Singapore’s Food Bloggers’?”
[20 July 2011]

If you would like to build your followers very fast and crave on all the auto-followers I mentioned above, here are the lists I found:

**Please note that Twitter disabled their auto-followback function but these accounts might still be actively following back accounts manually. from

How not to change bad habits and not feel bad about it.

For those who are lazy to change your bad habits, or simply can’t, one thing you can do is link your bad habit with some culture in a place you are not at, to increase the chance your natives have not heard of it, better still, nobody ever heard of. BUT it really does exist.

For example, I like to slurp my soups, and especially when I’m hungry. If someone stares at me and think I am rude, in some cultures it is rude, but I would say dismissively, “Yeah I know, I eat soup like I’m in Japan.” Which in Japan, they do slurp kinda loudly to compliment the chef. It’s their culture to enjoy their soup (in ramen) as loudly as possible to appreciate their chefs. See Yahoo Q&A.**

One thing to note however, is that, the bad habit must be positively reinforced in the other culture you are referring to. Geddit? So start naming all your bad habits that you don’t wish to change! Name those even that you wanna change. Especially those that make you detest yourself so much you wish you hadn’t been born. You might think your bad habits are incorrigible, are frowned upon by your father, discipline mistress and even your baby sister, but as shown above, what is unacceptable in your culture might be celebrated in other cultures! I celebrate diversity 😉

So I’ll start with one habit of mine – eating the skin around my fingers and even toes (retrieved by fingers…) So lately I begun to explore manicures and found out that in French manicure, besides filing nails, the extra skin around the nail is removed too. This process is called “removing nail cuticles” aka removing dead skin around nails, using a cuticle clipper. So there is such a thing as “extra skin around the nail that ought to be removed” which doesn’t make me feel so bad about removing mine manually, albeit hannibal-style, sometimes with a trace of blood. And there is such a thing as removing them to begin with, and ALL for a good cause : to have neater fingers and beautiful fingernails.

All these just shows that condemnation is only killed by knowledge.

Oh wait, I also like to bite the dry skin on my lips off. Any positive remarks for that?

** Yahoo Q&A not exactly a scholarly source as reference, but it shows the crowd knows it.


Sleeping Booths! This was my idea!

I can just imagine the ad go: “I’ve always had a busy life, sometimes i work the whole night and have a morning presentation. By noon, I usually am ready to collapse. Now I can collapse in a sleeping booth. Sorta like a phone booth, or a washroom cubicle, but so much better.”

Seriously, the above? Is all me.

When you see Blangadesk construction workers sleeping on the grass, do you need to think twice about sleeping booths?

When you hear colleague complaining about being tired, do you need to think twice abotu sleeping booths?

Napping in toilet cubicles can be bad for you, as shown in Duff’s case, who got arrested while napping inside a portable toilet. No one is clear why is he arrested.

Do I hear hotels? Hotel 81?

NO! I mean like a portable sleeping booth, like a vending machine filled with snacks, except Sleeping Booth is filled with silence, tranquility and quality rest, a place to interpret dreams if you may. It is completely sound-proof, and has lots of stuff to help u destress. And is limited to 30minutes of use at a cheap price.

.com button/keys on the keyboard like that of an iphone

i wish we have a “.com” button on the mac keyboard. Funny how Apple thought of it for the iPhone but not the keyboard. There are 2 Command keys on the keyboard, one on the left, one on the right, why not take one out and replace it with “.com”!