“The Kite Runner”

One of the movies I wanted to watch in the university theatre. But didn’t get a chance to.

This movie almost made me tear.

Many of the scenes that depict Afghanistan remind me of the Bible. Stoning of the woman adulterer, servant and master relationship for generations, master f**king (‘xcuse my language) the servant’s wife (remember who wanted to f**k Joseph? lol), the stone walls, sex crimes against women and child. (Child prostitution is not written in the Bible, I think it’s is an evolution of our postmodern society) So Old Covenant!

When the main character (Amir) went back to his hometown (Kabul, Afghanistan) and saw the kind of life he might have grew up in, he must have felt like a fish out of the water. But one who had a narrow escape out of the poison waters.

Bottom Line: I’m so glad Jesus came.

Their celebrations is so like Indian. Their worship is to like Malay—-Allah….!

So Amir learnt that his father f**ked his servant’s wife, after his father died. The servant’s son becomes his half brother. His brother’s son becomes his nephew. Now he has to go back to that war and hatred-infested desert to pick his nephew up. I guess this is in essence promoting the freedom of America, which I don’t disagree.


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