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Arab Tower Dubai (Burj al-Arab) Private Jet Landing??

Dad sent me a permissible junk mail about a hotel in Saudi Arabia. Possibly the most expensive, the most luxurious and held the most number of stars. 7.

They also charge 2,000 USD per night minimum, and min. 2 nights, before taxes.

Looking at those pictures its practically out of the world.

The tennis court in the middle of the tower looked both dangerous for a match and equally outrageous as if it is an area for spaceship landing. And then I had a great idea, WHY NOT make a private jet landing! For the hotel. In the rooftop. How much is renting out a tennis court gonna make ya. A private jet landing would attract all the rich people, put you in the news and make the hotel famous around the world. So when a private jet wants to land, it will think of your hotel. And soon, when one other hotel starts doing it, the idea will catch on. Everyone wants to compete. But yours will be special. Being the first no longer counts. Getting there first will not make you a winner for long. You gotta give the customers something to remember. Make them come back more. Make them come to Saudi Arabia more. If NYC builds a private jet landing, you bet it will see more customers.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.

arab tower dubai room
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Alternatives to Paypal? Yes there is!! Electronic Transfer Inc

I have always hated monopolies. Ebay and Paypal, these 2 in cahoots have such a large market share their customer service is always so negligent and utterly inefficient. So do you know any alternatives? Not for ebay. But for Paypay yes.

Electronic Transfer offers merchant accounts and credit card processing for online merchants. It is listed in BBB (Better Busincess Bureau) and is Visa,MC, Amex and Discover CISP Certified. Plus you have all the 800 numbers to choose from for 24/7 support.

Like Paypal, Electronic Transfer offers a free merchant account to start with. A merchant account also comes with a Free shopping cart, online sales tracking and reporting, automatic receipts, and much more.

Small Business Incentive

Dad asked me to sign up for Northwest Airlines WorldPerks® Program. It is basically, a reward card for flight purchases. While skimming through the small text on the confirmation of my account, I can’t help but notice this:

If you own a small business, CLICK HERE to apply for the WorldPerks Visa Business Card.

There! Another reason to love U.S.. Another innovation. Another change. Another quick response from businesses. Another acknowledgment. Another hope for me.

BustedTees Busted when it comes to paying up

I saw some stuff at BustedTees I really like. When I don’t understand a tee’s pun, I read their description and some of the are really cute. Plus the guys were cute.

capitalist pig t-shirt
Great thing about this shirt is that people may throw coins at you.

long distance relationships t-shirt
Because relationships are a marathon, not a sprint.
This one’s my favorite. Will totally take the tension out of a LRD. Smiles. (above) Continue reading

Foreclosures are NOT very good ideas of making money.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think mortgage and foreclosures are very good ideas of making money.

See, one of the ways real estate mo-gus (gurus, millionaires) earn money is to take over mortgages, in other words, buy over foreclosures from the bank at a big heaping discount and sell them off at the market price.

How did this happen?

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i just discover It’s a website bias towards the American teenagers. Why did i say that? because you can sell something without paying a single dime and your money does not have to go through Paypal; it goes directly to your checking account. isn’t it wonderful?

Why teenagers? because the categories are rather limited. there are only 5 or 6–music cds, books which students use mostly for selling their textbooks, movies, games and their systems. i tried selling a cd i bought from singapore but i couldnt find the don’t-know-what-number… see how strict and bias it is. is operated by ebay.

That was fast

A few days ago, heard my friend said he got a virus attack on his computer which had to be reinstalled. He also said, almost everyone he knew ‘kena’ it, meaning their computers got the virus as well.

The campus-in-charge has sent us emails 2x to warn us of suspicious emails yada-yada, as far as I can remember. Maybe its my lack of diligence when it comes to opening attachments, or maybe Mac is just immune from virus. Whatever it is, I was shield and sheltered from the disastrous ‘reformatting, restart, reinstall’ customary act. These words, so familiar to any Windows-user. Luckily I am out of it!

Today, I found this, at my doorstep.

UB computer repair

Pretty ingenious I would say. Preferably a UB student. Computer Engineering Senior. Or a Computer Engineering aspiring sophmore.

Some of us, given a grace period of 3 months, would never even get the idea.

The bad news is, my friend has already reformatted his computer. What are the chances the rest has not? What are the chances more people will be hit by the same virus?