How to watch Youtube official music videos on Iphone?

Ans: Use QR code.

I use to create a QR code for the link of the youtube video.

And I used this “QR Reader for iPhone

I tried with 2 videos I wanted to watch on iphone, but only one worked. The other just says “The content owner has not made this video available on mobile. Add to playlist to watch it later on a PC.” I really didnt know the artist was so free to change these settings.

I thought we were the victims of a political enstrangle between  Apple and Google, but downloading the YouTube app did not solve this problem.

I can’t watch this: . Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up [Official Music Video]

But I can watch this: . Colbie Caillat – I Never Told You

Bu well, at least we got one of the videos.


Testimony 1: God provided the seed for sowing.

I have 2 testimonies.

One is beauty health. The other is finance. I realize these are the very 2 things that the church strongly believes in J thank you pastor and thank you church.

I was skeptical. God providing the seed? After being in the workforce for a year plus, I find that there is a constant struggle to adjust to expectations of a big God and the reality in the world. And this being my 2nd miracle seed, I wasn’t as enthusiastic to believe. And I did not keep track of how much God had blessed me for the last 2 years in $$ value. Yes, God has blessed me. I got a blessed job and started having regular income. And I am still blessed with time and energy to work on my business. But it just wasn’t enough “fruits” for me to believe in sowing again. Plus the amount I sowed was a huge one considering my circumstances of a very bad cashflow.

One night at 3am I woke up in anxiety and fear, as if I was still having a nightmare after waking up. My entire thought was captivated by the need to wind up my business by clearing stock. The first week I had so much favor with new people that could help, and seeing the rate stock was beginning to move, put much more effort into working with them, and managed to clear 20% of my stock. On the 2nd week, I had huge logistics problems because of the alarming rate my stock is going out. By now I only had 50% of the stock initially held. By the end of the 2nd week, one of my partners offered to buy over all of my stock. I was in tears when I texted my friend telling her God is so good and that He is truly, indeed, providing the seed. After a weekend and a peak into the start of the third week, the remaining stock was sold, along with some of my trade secrets. It was a very attractive offer to my partner and a huge deal of savings of time and efforts for me. Now I have more time to concentrate on my other projects. As the experts would say, re-finance my time, capital recycling. And eventually money.

Alcohol Flash Card

there are only 3 kinds of alcohol

– beer – fermentation – 4-6% alcoholic strength (ABV)

– wine – fermentation – 9-16% alcohol by volume (ABV), eg white wine, red wine, rose wine, sparkling wine aka champagne, dessert wine, fortified wine.

– spirits – fermentation and distillation – 20% ABV eg whiskey, vodka

Land Tours to Europe/UK from Singapore

Trafalgor Tours – more expensive, can book thru chan bros
Contiki Tours – cheaper, hot property, can book thru chan bros
Insight Vacations – managed by Chan bros also.
Expat Explore – not bad! Overseas customer service number though…

Mobile data in UK & Europe. (Mobile wifi internet) – 3G access for 59 cents (84 US cents; 52p) per megabyte in over 50 countries

With all that surfing in the sun, charge your phone in the sun too: Get a solar power charger.

Find it on Amazon for cheaper.

Breakfast Seminars in Australia, why breakfast? why not cocktails in the evenings?

As I attended the marketing presentation for specially the Australia region, i noticed something unusual, they hold Breakfast seminars instead of afternoon tea or evening (after work) events. I did not question why immediately. It wasn’t until I had to present Breakfast Seminars as a marketing phenomenon to the european countries that i began to wonder what to write about it. Not finding any information on the web about it, i called the Australia country manager and here is what i got:


Breakfast seminar basically is a seminar that is held in the morning, and serves breakfast. Typically, a topic is the central theme of the seminar, for eg like Case picking technologies and we invite 60-70 people on our mailing lists to a hotel ballroom and have a chat about the topic. 

i asked why morning. The reason is its easier to get people in the morning. i asked whether is it because shops typically closed early in the evening and not many people work in the evening. He said no, and that its exactly because people do work in the evening that’s why they are unable to make it. @_@ I’ll leave it up to you to believe. 

So… I created a Wikipage for it:

Travel-Safe Body Straps: on arm, thigh, ankles.

i found this: