Strengths Finder Action Plan

Empathy: (checked) Act quickly and firmly when others behave in a way that is unhealthy for themselves or others. Understanding someone’s emotional state does not mean that you must excuse this behavior. Be aware that when your empathy turns to sympathy, others might see you as a “bleeding heart.”

You might particularly enjoy roles in medicine, consulting, computer programming, or customer service. >> Yes I enjoy self-medicating…

Turnaround situations activate your natural forté. Use your Restorative talents to devise a
plan of attack to revitalize a flagging project, organization, business, or team. >> Position of Organization Restructuring.

Take note of the circumstances that seem to produce your best ideas, and
recreate them. >> Travelling. And when talking to Daddy.

Do: Feed your Ideation talents by gathering knowledge. Study fields and industries different
from your own. >> Practice new skills too.

Choose roles in which you can contribute your ideas about the future. For example, you
might excel in entrepreneurial or start-up situations.

Be prepared to provide logical support for your futuristic thinking. Your exciting visions of
future success will be best received when rooted in real possibility.

Musing about the future comes naturally to you. Read articles about technology, science,
and research to gain knowledge that will fuel your imagination.


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