Breakfast Seminars in Australia, why breakfast? why not cocktails in the evenings?

As I attended the marketing presentation for specially the Australia region, i noticed something unusual, they hold Breakfast seminars instead of afternoon tea or evening (after work) events. I did not question why immediately. It wasn’t until I had to present Breakfast Seminars as a marketing phenomenon to the european countries that i began to wonder what to write about it. Not finding any information on the web about it, i called the Australia country manager and here is what i got:


Breakfast seminar basically is a seminar that is held in the morning, and serves breakfast. Typically, a topic is the central theme of the seminar, for eg like Case picking technologies and we invite 60-70 people on our mailing lists to a hotel ballroom and have a chat about the topic. 

i asked why morning. The reason is its easier to get people in the morning. i asked whether is it because shops typically closed early in the evening and not many people work in the evening. He said no, and that its exactly because people do work in the evening that’s why they are unable to make it. @_@ I’ll leave it up to you to believe. 

So… I created a Wikipage for it:


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