Facing JOY

P/S: I know ive been talking about him a lot recently, can’t help it, I’m reading his book, and this guy is full of wisdom in the dating life, filtering out all the not-so-grace parts 🙂

I wrote this to a friend….:
I read in his book that friendships are side by side facing outward together. Intimacy are 2 people facing each other. Even though I’m not very sure what it means in a human relationship, I immediately saw that this is exactly the kind of relationship God wants to have with us all along. The face to face kind.

Every morning when I feel other than joy, I’m facing myself or my challenges or even work, I’m not facing God. When I face Him, I always feel full of joy.

When I come to Him sulking, with all my condemning thoughts, with all my dirtiness, His JOY infects me and lifts me up.


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