What are Apostles?

Once again, Monday hit and I have a thousand things on my mind that I would like to complete by this week and hopefully by God’s Grace I get to complete each and everyone of it :):)

Ok this is where I take a deep breath and bring up Pastor Ben’s sermon from the start of the year: Priority… priority… prioritise….

Um.. first up, I always have this curiosity in me that is never really satisfied until I FIND OUT all about it. So I decided the only way is to write about what I found out to put an end of the discovery!

APOSTLES: are people who seek to build a community of christians by bonding them among each other and establishing them in the Word and their relationships.

They are also people who go ahead of new territories and influence churches to new areas of thinking (renewal of mind) but do not control the church legalistically.

“Apostles think architecturally as builders, supernaturally gifted at putting people’s lives and gifting’s together so that they form cohesive, vibrant, balanced community.” [5] They also think governmentally, guiding each person into his proper place for the purpose of unity and growth.”

” He (Apostle Paul) saw those he ministered to in light of what they could and should be in Christ, while at the same time recognizing how mature they really were. ”

““Creative people have more than enough ideas, but not all are good at implementing those creative thoughts. Catalysts don’t have this problem. Not only are they creative in their thinking, they are disciplined in their actions.” — Something about and for myself.

“Today, however, we have the complete canon of Scripture, and present day apostles should never stray beyond the boundaries of God’s Word, or presume to have authority that in any way supersedes Scripture. Apostles are required to be solidly rooted and grounded in the Word and they, along with the other ministries, are defenders of doctrinal truth”

Beginning to value SUBMISSION so much. “Any ministry that submits to the apostle (**or to whoever**) does so only insofar as they believe that what the apostle says lines up with God working in him.” Amen. Same for me.

A leader is only chosen (by God) to serve you in different ways. They are not pastors. Not all leaders are pastoral.

From http://www.truthortradition.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=146


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