The best ‘cure’ for shoulder aches near the neck

My shoulder aches was even affecting my left arm. I get numbness at my entire left arm every night and every morning, sometimes even during work. At one point of time I almost went for an X-ray because the doctor said some of my muscles might be pressing on the the nerves or the blood vessels to the left arm, thereby causing loss of blood flow and therefore the numbness. I don’t know about all these man, but I searched the Internet one night for shoulder aches and such and saw one person commented in a public forum. Many people gave many suggestions but this person apparently had tried many methods to relieve his shoulder aches and he said adjusting the monitor height really made a difference. Somehow his comments stuck with me. So i adjusted mine. My macbook pro is now 3 hardcovers and 8 paperbacks tall. And since then I do not have a single shoulder ache, my left arm numbness reduced by 90%. It happened overnight. I do not yet have a keyboard extension. My left arm doesn’t feel as normal as my right arm yet, there is still a tinge of numbness but it is so so so much better I swear. But this radical change enhanced my belief of the 80/20 principle, which means 80% of the work is mostly done by 20% of the work. Or in this case, 80% of the problem is solved by making one tiny significant change. I could have and did consider going for numerous shoulder massages to relieve the tension, or do stretching exercises everyday. But those are not the root of the problem. We must go straight to the root of the problem. Which is that which is causing the aches in the first place. So take a look around. At your environment. At your habits. Something you have been doing is obviously not working out, is obviously causing the negative output you dislike in your life. Often, changing these minute details/habits in your life will cause a huge overhaul in the output. Ask God to show you your blind spots. Bring to God your problem and ask Him to point you to the one (often smallest) change you can do to bring about a BIG change. Ask Him to renew your mind on what is working out and what is not. There are many solutions given by others for one problem, you can try a number of things to fix a problem, but go straight to the ONE solution that will solve 80% of the problem in the most visible, tangible way in the shortest time. Ask God for that one.

Romans 12:2 “Be transformed by the renewal of your mind. That you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

Your God’s Will is always for your good, BEST interests at heart. It is written all over the bible in Jeremiah, Isaiah, in David’s psalms, in Jesus’ works during His ministry. His will is written all over our heart, that all man may know Me and none will need to teach His neighbour about Me.

“That you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

God called us to be testimonies of His goodness and His greatness, His perfect will, and His perfect will is His blessing upon blessing that He has promised us in scriptures. And how are we proven, as proof ourselves, and proof of what is outside us that His Will will materialise in our lives? Answer: By renewing our mind. In other words, how do i live out what is promised in the bible? all the miracles, all the blessings, all the seemingly impossible stuff, supernatural stuff..? By renewing my mind with the Word. By constantly washing our brain and spirit with the Word of God. Amen.


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