“A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.” Proverbs 18:16

Read very anointed books the past few days. And am SO BLESSED by all of them. Truly to know God’s heart is the most enriching curriculum I can plan for myself and my children in future.

Read Boy Meets Girl.
And today read another chapter of Unmerited Favor and my lips quiver, swallowing tears. Not because I am sad, but because He is too good.

Today sorta have a very messed up day, where I start things and not finish them and then my mind is in a confused state, not knowing what to do next. So I prayed. Lord! Help me work with a clarity and be more disciplined in my work, and get things moving in work. I realise I am always stuck on these issues. I end up worrying about things that are not moving and procrastinate on things that need to be attended to. The only verses I could think of were the Proverbs verses about being a sluggard and those who do not work is worse than an infidel. Condemnation and law didn’t help. I knew I needed His Grace. Then I struggled for another few minutes and then I remembered the woman who took her place as a Gentile, and I screamed (in my heart) and said in anguish, “Lord, help me!”

So the Lord showed me on page 309, Unmerited Favor, that my ideas are a gift from the Lord. For He is the one who supplies seed to the sower (2 corin 9:10) to prosper me. So I started listing down all my gifts and immediately receive the strength to be disciplined and to commit to finishing the tasks He gave me to do. Immediately the Lord showed me what to do with these gifts of seed that I have received by pointing me to The Parable of the Talents (Matt 25:14-30), where the servant who received the 5 talents of gold “immediately put his talents to work”.

added 26 jan
LORD I wanna be your faithful servant and steward!


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