“Whether He is God or not, I don’t know. I just know He healed me time and time again.”

So I got, like, new picks for guitar. Cos I gave one away and the other managed to escape from me in my own room. These ones I got they are in funkier colors and the coolest thing about them is their pictographs.

Lamb of God, Lion of Judah, King of Israel guitar picks

The pictographs in the shop had like such extreme representations. Some had skulls and ghosts and then there’s these with the ram (“lamb”) and lions. So of course I got these and when I walked out of the shop, I put one in my friend’s hand and proclaim:

Then one more in her other hand and said,

Then I ran out of things to say but I think I could have said,

They are also softer and strum nicer sound AHHH~

Why is He called the Lamb of God? The sacrificial Lamb. Because He is the sacrifice contributed by God Himself to atone for our sins. Instead of the blood of bulls and goats, God Himself offered Himself to be the sin atonement.

How many understand I am spending time with Him and worshipping Him through my guitar picks? It can be done. “I Sing Hosanna” in the background helps too.


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