Sync and transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

Use “Image Capture” software! It’s already on your Mac, you do not need to download it!

One of the things I’ve always been sore about is how do I easily transfer my photos from iPhone to the mac? iTunes don’t help a lot and iPhoto is pretty much handicapped. When I was using a PC, the photos open in a window in an instant after an external drive is connected, be it a thumbdrive, harddrive, camera you name it. So how do I make photos from iPhone appear in a window on my Mac?!?! Just pure raw files. I do not want them to appear in iPhoto or iTunes software, just the raw files only. I have been using Dropbox or email to transfer my photos and was even contemplating on buying the app “PhotoToMac”. There is a PhotoToMac Free version which will shrink your photos into a smaller resolution.

Then I found this video. Can’t paste it here cos its not a google or youtube file. But do checkout the link…

The Basic Steps are:
1. Connect your iPhone to Mac via a USB cable.
2. Launch the “Image Capture” software on your Mac. Use Spotlight at top right corner to find it.
3. A window will appear that names your iPhone according to its released version (eg iPhone 3GS… iPhone 3G…)
4. Play with the settings.
Notes: ‘Download To’ option is used for specifying the folder in which you want the downloaded files.
Notes: ‘Automatic Task’ specifies the task which the application must do after the transfer of files is over.
5. Click on either ‘Download Some’ or ‘Download all’ option.
Notes: ‘Download Some’ allows you to pick and choose the photos you want to download.
Notes: ‘Download all’ downloads all your photos from iPhone to Mac.
6. After the download is over, the destination folder will open and you can find your file in it.



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