Thanksgiving. :)

The kindness shown to me. By you. From you lord. 🙂

All that you have given me. Church. Pastor. Fellowship. Leaders as shepherds. Ministry. Anointing and inherited blessings from these parts of church.

Today is truly a day of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving to You my Lord Jesus Christ. For giving me all the above and most of all Your life for me. So that in exchange I may have your ZOE life and all the blessings that YOU deserve… I, safely kept in You and You, will never leave me nor forsake me. Tied to each other, I am Your bride. Intimacy with You can never be replaced by anything else. Wholesome Love from You is all I seek. Your presence heals my circumstances and fills all my holes. Beholding You, I find myself. Thank you Lord for tying Your identity with mine. You are alive in my life, in every way, how You have blessed my tithe. Your rest and peace fills me, not as the world gives. Restful on the inside, busy on the outside, one word from You, I constantly sit at Your feet and receive from You Lord.


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