How not to change bad habits and not feel bad about it.

For those who are lazy to change your bad habits, or simply can’t, one thing you can do is link your bad habit with some culture in a place you are not at, to increase the chance your natives have not heard of it, better still, nobody ever heard of. BUT it really does exist.

For example, I like to slurp my soups, and especially when I’m hungry. If someone stares at me and think I am rude, in some cultures it is rude, but I would say dismissively, “Yeah I know, I eat soup like I’m in Japan.” Which in Japan, they do slurp kinda loudly to compliment the chef. It’s their culture to enjoy their soup (in ramen) as loudly as possible to appreciate their chefs. See Yahoo Q&A.**

One thing to note however, is that, the bad habit must be positively reinforced in the other culture you are referring to. Geddit? So start naming all your bad habits that you don’t wish to change! Name those even that you wanna change. Especially those that make you detest yourself so much you wish you hadn’t been born. You might think your bad habits are incorrigible, are frowned upon by your father, discipline mistress and even your baby sister, but as shown above, what is unacceptable in your culture might be celebrated in other cultures! I celebrate diversity 😉

So I’ll start with one habit of mine – eating the skin around my fingers and even toes (retrieved by fingers…) So lately I begun to explore manicures and found out that in French manicure, besides filing nails, the extra skin around the nail is removed too. This process is called “removing nail cuticles” aka removing dead skin around nails, using a cuticle clipper. So there is such a thing as “extra skin around the nail that ought to be removed” which doesn’t make me feel so bad about removing mine manually, albeit hannibal-style, sometimes with a trace of blood. And there is such a thing as removing them to begin with, and ALL for a good cause : to have neater fingers and beautiful fingernails.

All these just shows that condemnation is only killed by knowledge.

Oh wait, I also like to bite the dry skin on my lips off. Any positive remarks for that?

** Yahoo Q&A not exactly a scholarly source as reference, but it shows the crowd knows it.


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