Remember those times

when i woke up before dawn to go work at a call center…
when we shuffle snow off the car every morning before work…
when we brought back an empty box and demanded a refund and the woman willingly gave. i duno how it happened man!
when we moved and moved and moved, i kinda like the last house the most without the kid. cos its so woody.
when we lift the plastic up so that the vegs would weigh less..
when we sleep in the living room cos of the a/c to find that it spews black dust and stuff. lol

if i could start over, i wanna move to California (visit Florida first) and work (online) or study, and get a wireless connection (on my iphone) and do road trips every other weekend and pay someone to dropbox me pastor’s recording every weekend including the worship and prayer and end of worship. 🙂 that person must push me news too. and then go back to Singapore to live a few months and then fly back again to US. Serious!!!!


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