Why do I feel the whole world against me when I’m just trying to do what I do?

I need to get back to YOU. To Your Word. To YOUR Will. The Father’s Will. 🙂

How to work hard and yet be in Your will? And still read. 24 hours don’t seem enough. Including lots of sleep. Sleep doesn’t recuperate me at all.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I am pretty new to all this but have been so blessed by your site and the messages from Pastor prince. I tried to join Grace Message.SG and am heartbroken that I have not received a response. I would also like help in setting up a personal website if anyone would be so gracious it would truly be a blessing to me. It is not often you find other spiritual family who share the same heart and mind. I so long for fellowship.

    Blessings, Grace and Shalom

  2. Hi Kathy, just approved you! Thank you so much for your encouragement! What kind of personal site would you like to set up?

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