My Typical Week settling into something like that

Mon: off to a slow start. Prioritise rest. wake up anytime i want. spend the time in the word until i feel im ready to go work. don’t like to contact people or be contacted or be out. usually by evening i will start maintenance work again aka ordering supplies (to be outsourced too), and get an overview that everyone in the team is in touch. and if theres time left, i think and write out the agenda for the week.

Tue: start socializing. sometimes spend more time in the word until i feel the prompting to dive into work. Because when i dive into work this is what happens: work a whole 24 hours day and night.

Wed: tue’s work spills over. when i can catch a breather, i start to prioritize the less important work OR making sure project that started gets completed OR certain milestones are met, as the week draws to a close. (The most important work are assumed to be done by tue/mon OR an agenda would have been drawn up by tue/mon) Sometimes have choir pract.

Thur/Fri: chill. relook at the past few days to see whether i have or have not gone offtrack. this is the time to “save the week” aka get started on the really important stuff if i have not get it done yet or have not started it on or have not managed to get anywhere near to completing it. if i cant complete the ‘really important work’, then it would be put on priority for next week as ‘really important work’. Also, give some tots to what milestones to complete for the next week. maybe using also this fri night time to do the lesser (nuisance?) important stuff or some last minute liasing with the US people on fri night.

Sat/Sun: more focus on maintenance work, be the support for my team here and there. (usually this is my priority thruout the whole week, bcos my team is my priority, on top of anything else). making a check and sit back relaxed and satisfied that milestones started in the early part of the week are completed. if not, beat myself up and blame jesus (he is the scapegoat right?). liasing with any institutions is usually almost impossible now, so only liasing with my team, get them in check and shaped up for the upcoming week. and doing some customer support (hopefully outsourced soon, first one to go on my task list), replying to emails for networking purposes etc. The weekends are my most taxing days, because i go out a lot to serve in church, to socialize and spend a lot of time in church or in fellowship. Which is why when it comes to Monday, I need all the time to myself to recuperate and establish myself in the word (from feeding thats from sunday and also ask god what past sermons to feed on for the rest of the week).

Getting sleepy as i write this….

What I hope to see change in the near future:

    Mondays would be free of maintenance work, and more of refocusing on the aim and direction of the company. And then translating that direction into practical steps for the team to achieve.
    Sundays would be also half a rest day for me, amid all that busy-ness and socializing, so that I can get off to a monday faster.
    Free of customer support work on weekends.

Of course, not to mention, complete outsourcing, where the company is on auto-pilot and i can have holidays!!! This would mean:

    My entire week dedicated to my visions from God; to do that, i have to …
    -Have an entire fleet of capable, organized, discipline (as in know the value of time) TEAM to rely on.

To do the above, i have to…

    -Be the support and backbone and visionary for my team 24/7, which i already can accomplish.

    My General Role then would be :
    1) to lead and be the visionary
    2) and also to be the support and backbone for my core team. my core team would then have assistants to help them to get assignments and tasks done. my core team would then be the support to their assistants.

    Zzzz.. goodnight world… zzz.. goodnight jesus. i am safe in You.

    I love raisins!


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