Let’s just do what you love to do. It doesn’t have to be all work.

For the Lord created a good work in you, He will complete the good work in you.

Lord, I know it was you who sent the angels to remove the obstacles to that shipment, cos I prayed and as usual you hear my prayers and you answer them THE MOMENT I pray, just want to take the time here to just thank you and tell you how much I love you, my Beloved Father, because you first loved me. Lord, you did it before and you can do it again for my other shipments that are presently obstructed. You make my shipments SO favored by the post office workers that they will walk out and tap on workers if dropped or lost, that they will shine and make rattling sounds so that they get dropped off at customers’ house faster (because workers are disturbed by odd packages). Lord, that everything will work well, packages get shipped on time, tracking gets tracked on time and scanned properly, and customers do not take for granted the fast shipment service, that they appreciate it and leave 5 star rating feedback and are not abusive to my customer support (basically me). Ok Lord, regarding this, change me Lord, change my attitude toward other people’s customer support 🙂

Lord I said this prayer not because I was worried about the blocked shipments but really, just realised I did not take the time to thank you when you have done something for me, I just moved on with life too fast.

What I love to do when it comes to work is always seeing your hand on it, your grace and favor and mercy on my work, my mistakes, my misjudgments, your commands of love and prosperity on it 🙂 YES your commands of love and prosperity in my work and career. You bless me with loving support around me and a sound mind. You drive away the spirit of fear and bondage and you replace it with Your Breath of LIFE and Your loving kindness. You hide me under the shadow of your wings and shield and protect me from the rain and wind and shine of the world. I will fear(worship) you Lord with all of my heart and submit to your commands of Love and Prosperity.

You are the Father who loves me unconditionally in a never-ending way. You loved me before I was born, after I die and while I was a sinner. 🙂


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