1 Year Anniversary Self-Employment

Definitely crossed some milestones. This being the first. Truly, liberation and freedom requires more self-control than having your time tied. My first year of self-employment was still about work work work, struggling to “make it big”, “make it to the top”, struggling to acquire more secret stash of cash so I can have financial freedom. When my work sucked, or when sales did not rake in as much as I would want, I alternate between spending all my time sulking and then not knowing where to spend my time on, on the trivial, trying to set things right.

This second year of self-employment, business takes on a back seat. The breakthrough I asked God for came through. Not in monetary sense, not in like a big client, but in “the power to get wealth”. God is faithful. He gave me a direction. He gave a word and its is a year-long project 🙂 Now I am more focused on living my life, focused on my body. Now I know, my greatest treasure is me. My freedom is in the mind. I own every minute of my time right now, and I know what to do with them. Business is still important, it brings in the cashflow, that’s just it. 🙂

Before I had breakthrough, I learnt to bring God into my work, learnt to integrate work with God. No more struggling, cos struggling is all about human effort. Let God and let go.

To E: The most important thing I have learnt is to ASK. Ask God. I may look like I am mumbling to myself or to desktop accessories, and that He did not hear. But He does. Ask in Jesus name and believe with a peace that you have received. To double confirm you have received, THANK Him grateful you have received.


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