How to Make Calls with your 3G network? (Singapore Only)

Downloaded skype but have to depend on WIFI to make calls? Or cursing the moment the sales rep told you ‘yesss you can make skype calls over 3g’. Then you’re thinking why am I paying so much for data?

Fret not. Try “Hoiio”. At one look, it looks like “Ho-lio”, but I think the name actually derived from the hokkien greeting, “Hoi !”

To cut to the chase, here are the benefits of using Hoiio:
-You can call local over your 3g network, no more sourcing for wifi, no more getting cut-off because of weak wifi signal.
-You can sms over this software but at a standard rate of 8.8 cents sgd. great for overseas, not so useful for local, esp since some of us have a huge budget for sms (mine’s 500/mth) and, even if we exceed, 1 sms only cost 5 cents sgd. Check out the rates for calling overseas here.
-Best of all, you can make and receive calls when you are overseas, local charges for your singaporean callers. Now you are probably wondering how it works. Well, it involves a Hoiio number and 2 cell phones. You go figure here.
-New signups get $1.2 sgd credits free instantly!!


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  1. It is pronounced as hoi-yo 🙂

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