It happens everytime.

Cos i sleep late and all. Then i will have supper. Then i will be so tired after supper. Then i would be lazy to go to bathroom and brush teeth, especially after washing the pans and plates (cos mummy will scold). Then i will always just need to pee before bed and then i would be so tired and sleepy already, so i thought on the toilet bowl, oh no i dont think i wanna brush teeth. But then i worry about my teeth, the plaque and all, when im old, later no teeth. So then i would pray, i said to the Father, lord, you protect my teeth lord, and you love me regardless whether i brush my teeth or not lord, and lord you remove all the plague when i sleep lord. Then weirdly, the desire to brush teeth just rise in me.

Actually sometimes, just saying ‘you love me lord’ and ‘you love me whether i have ugly teeth or no teeth lord’ is enough. It has power to make me brush teeth. Hee, quite fun.


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