Work Life

Written 28 Oct 2009
Recently people have asked me what am I doing, and I have no way of explaining what I am doing now in a summary in order not to lose the attention of my askers. So I decided to, once again, change the “theme” of this blog. Even Twitter is not enough to explain what I am doing. Oh I realise this blog is still in US time. Dammit. I have been back in Singapore for about 2-3 months already.

So in short, what I am doing can be listed into these categories:
– batching (from the words of Tim Ferris), like batching a process
– outsourcing
– building, expanding (idea generation)
– calculating
– planning
– training
– of course, the essence of these, communicating

So a lot of what I do is batching and outsourcing, again, from the words of Tim Ferris. Once I outsource, I can foresee I need auditing to come in. To check the results, and make calculations on the success rate or profitability of this process. If it not successful, there’s gotta be a reason and a way to fix it.

I would like to spend more time on building an expanding (idea generation). Because that’s where the real business is. That’s where the real money is. And that’s where my strength is. But have to take baby steps. . . batch-outsource-train-audit, batch-outsource-train-audit, batch-outsource-train-audit…

Added 30 Dec 2009
I write very little about my work life. Shall write more.


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