Fengshui/The Occult

Palm Reading
When I was still in school, someone, who was constantly in my company, took me to a palm reader. I learnt the line on my hand that meant intelligence. But today I am smarter than all the men in the East because all the wisdom I need everyday is written in Proverbs and most importantly, Jesus is my wisdom. (Corinthians 1:30)

Today Pastor Mark Ng mentioned fengshui, about how scared he was for touching his table for fear of moving an millimeter out of its “lucky position”. Pastor Åge Åleskjær preached about Balaam and Balak, who tried to curse Israel. (http://www.bibleexplained.com/moses/Numb/nu23.html) They couldn’t curse successfully and tried to go change location, thinking that the “fengshui” of a different place might help. But we all know the story — God’s people are still blessed.



Picture copyrights of New Creation Church.

Thank you Pastor Åge Åleskjær for being such a blessing to our church. 🙂 Thank you Pastor, for edifying our church and relaxing us with your humble jokes. I hope you come back again!

Tarot Reading
My mum told me she went to read tarot cards on my future. I kinda did not want to listen. ~Lalalalalalalalala

I used to read a lot about astrology. Now I also do. And recently I realise, something I read actually induced negative perception of a dear friend. I immediately reject it in Jesus name. Because we are to see our brothers and sisters in Christ amen!


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