I’m doing carolling.

Blessed be the person who put me up to it. Cos its so awesome.

My spirit and soul and my body is in it, and all ready for it.

Can’t even begin to describe what that means to me.

Being in a group. Belonging. Team player. Team spirit. I promise I’ll submit. Against all my natural self.

Singing. Making music. Melody. Serving. Worshipping.

Getting to do all the above in a team. Gosh. It’s like being in a sports team.

Really looking forward to spending the new year in Singapore with service in NCC (and not having to feel sad about leaving) and, get to witness “A _____ Year” along with the rest of my CG mates.

Still reveling in the fact that I’m back.

I remember a time, I would sing myself hoarse cos I want to hear myself worship. God where is my voice? I am supposed to be worshiping you but I can’t hear myself. God where is my voiceeee Then I just had a moment. I began to listen to everybody’s voices. Hear, they are singing the same words as me. Hear, they are praising your God too. Hear, can you hear your voice through everyone’s praise and worship? Yes Lord I do. There, you found your voice.


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