Sleeping Booths! This was my idea!

I can just imagine the ad go: “I’ve always had a busy life, sometimes i work the whole night and have a morning presentation. By noon, I usually am ready to collapse. Now I can collapse in a sleeping booth. Sorta like a phone booth, or a washroom cubicle, but so much better.”

Seriously, the above? Is all me.

When you see Blangadesk construction workers sleeping on the grass, do you need to think twice about sleeping booths?

When you hear colleague complaining about being tired, do you need to think twice abotu sleeping booths?

Napping in toilet cubicles can be bad for you, as shown in Duff’s case, who got arrested while napping inside a portable toilet. No one is clear why is he arrested.

Do I hear hotels? Hotel 81?

NO! I mean like a portable sleeping booth, like a vending machine filled with snacks, except Sleeping Booth is filled with silence, tranquility and quality rest, a place to interpret dreams if you may. It is completely sound-proof, and has lots of stuff to help u destress. And is limited to 30minutes of use at a cheap price.


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