Entrepreneur Seminar, New Creation Church, 2009

My question was, “I am an enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneur. (Always chiong chiong type) How do I make plans, be organized and make sure I am walking in God’s way?”

Her answers from the Word of God:
Keep hearing lo.
Ask God to send godly counsels.
Worship before you plan and do.

She ended off with saying, sometimes pastor’s preaching can be a form of hearing God’s word for me too. I’m surprised she did not bring out the part about anointing oil, because I’ve got problems with that. I’m glad God came down to my level!

I’m actually very nervous and do not know how to ask God for it. But when I think about it, it is because I do not believe God will be that generous. Or that willing. Then I have to go back to Jesus. Why did Jesus come? Why did Jesus die?

Pitfalls of An Entrepreneur: Escape.


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