Peace from the Lord from having been used by Him

How many know that living by the Spirit is wonderfully encased in a force of joy and protection? Your mother could be screaming at you at none of your fault, an enemy could be hurling insults at you, you could be heartbroken at a fallen relationship, but you would be smiling from the inside out, not because you are forced to, but because you know you have done God’s will for you, you are used by God, you have been shown kindness by God by having given the vision and wisdom to God’s plan for this world and how you are part of it. Ah! So exciting!

Dinner doesn’t taste better or worse. You do not feel happier or more sad. Smiles from others doesn’t seem like a reward after the argument. The rainbow does not look shinier after the rain. What you have is Peace. Inner strength and stability. That’s because your joy comes from THE LORD! And no one can take that away from YOU!


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