Combining the Sims and Second Life

How come no one thought of that? The Sims could interact with each other. Your Sim could buy from my Sim. Our Sims can go on living their own lives, without any trouble while I am offline. By owning Sims more than 1 avatar, I have a better reach. And then Electronic Arts and Maxis can solve the problem of thinking up more neighbourhoods for the Sims game. Because the neighbourhoods would be created by the gamers.


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  1. Posted by loh on October 9, 2009 at 10:25 am

    hey, i saw that you’re staying in flint village. i’m gonna head over for fall 2010 and i was wondering which campus would you recommend for housing?

    thanks a bunch

  2. hm it depends on wad u need. flint is alright, and the popular for most people, cos of its centralised location to many buildings. but the bus services does not come so regularly and do not go to many buildigns. in winter, u’ll think twice about walking.

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