Encourage a man

I watch this HongKong show in the evening. In the show, the male protagonist was disillusioned in the strength of his authority and greatly discouraged in his abilities. He felt ashamed because he had a civil duty but the people above him were not allowing it to happen without threatening his position in power.

He had to sack his righteous subordinate twice to appease an authority’s son. This subordinate happen to be a female soldier who had been doing her duty unlike the other lazy corrupt workers. This female soldier also has a very strong sense of justice and tend to ram him down with harsh words whenever he doesn’t met her expectations of an impartial and just magistrate. When in fact, he prefer not to offend the men of power to avoid complicating problems. This caused a lot of misunderstanding between them that he would literally run away from her on the street! Imagine your boss running away from you because the company does not do well! Over time the misunderstanding got so bad she vowed never to step into his court again.

Then comes the mother of the righteous subordinate. On a windy street, the protagonist and young mother met. He offered to hold her basket. She declined, saying, “You are an official, how can you hold my groceries?” He then said with sad eyes, that if he can’t help a civilian with her basket, he does not know what else he can do for the people of his town.

With smiles, the optimistic mother showed him a piece of evidence that they (mother and subordinate) picked up from the victim’s room. Mother and protagonist later conclude that someone in the court was bribed to harm the victim so that she could not testify in court. The mother gently reminded him that if someone in the court is corrupt, there would be no justice in their town and the authorities can do whatever they want. She encouraged him, “Under your wise judgement, our town had become so prosperous, the people are safe and happy.” You should see now, the man’s eyes were full of fiery and conviction. Remembering his promise to be an upright official in his early days to the Mother, he once again saw how his presence were necessary to ensure order in his court. She continued, “But if there is no justice, there wouldn’t be peace and prosperity. I think you know best what you should do now,” she gave her vote of confidence and went away.

The next day, he came to court in his usual jolly, laid-back mood. He listened as the criminal boast about his alliances with the upper court and how much he enjoyed the nights with prostitutes not realising that a new decree had been passed down by the Emperor that would lead to a severe punishment for men of high stature visiting brothels. When time came to judge the criminal, the protagonist’s face change to seriousness and commanded the criminal be given 120 strokes on his buttocks.

I learnt from this story that, if you encourage a man, he will triumph evil. Put him down and he will wallow in self despair. This is true for all people, not just a man. Pastor always talked about how his wife is there for him when he feels he cannot go on anymore. And that is why we have this saying, “Behind every great man, is an equally strong woman.” Because it is under the woman’s constant encouragement, that the man will rise to great heights.


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