Alright so I’m updating my blog…

I know! It’s like something, somebody who needs to know what, where and who I’ve been doing. Ooops. Anyway I’ve not been doing anyone ok. Blah. (Lemme continue my sentence…) When in fact, I am really updating you guys, my readers, or my closest friends, or just my readers, whoever you choose to be. Or my random visitors. And sometimes I do wonder, haven’t I been updating my closest friends already? So, this blog is, in fact, for my readers and my random visitors. And who are those? What am I going to say to them? I don’t know. I really prefer talking to one person, consistently, about one subject only. I think. I think I just realised. I’m not really one to PUBLISH my news and whereabouts PUBLICLY.

Has anyone heard Cafe Del Mar Dreams and Chillout Mix? I’m listening to them right now and YUM THEY Are Delicious. I almost feel lost at sea.

Anyway, I spoke with my mum yesterday, via muted video and msn voice. Ok its her voice, my typing and my video without sound and her palette* video. So then I told her my job allows me to look up and put up a lot of male enhancement products (the most popular category of health products sold on my co. website) and see a lot of ‘bird bird’ pictures, and that I always take home those to “scare” my roommate. And.. she had a good laugh. Which I’m glad she did. Because it’s embarrassing at the same time as it is funny from the way I tried to put it across. (“I use humor as a defense mechanism when I am uncomfortable” as Chandler Bing always says in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) I mean, in the beginning I go like, “THEY’RE HAVING SEX ON THE PAGE!” And some of the guys said something behind my back one time, but then well, he is immature and he got fired. Glee. ‘Cos he cost the co. some late fees. Poor kid.

I have also gotten so good at reading these brochures that I know which are genuine and which are absolutely BS. Some of these male enhancement stuff could be really fairytale-like I tell ya. Stories from the Maharajah and his harem, stories from ancient Chinese secret herbs… they think we’ll be fooled by mystery for authenticity.

So congrats to me. This might be first time in 8 months I have talked about my work.

*palette refers to dabs of color with no actual outline of a moving image. AKA webcam in very LOW RES.


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