The Misconception of “Deposit” –who it is insuring

Kelly Services provides their employees an online training portal that we can do at our own time (some are free) and one of the first courses I started on was to understand a contract. At page 27 I learnt that:

When you buy something, and you make a deposit, it is to ENSURE the seller will sell you the goods at the promised amount. It is not for the seller to ensure you will back out of the deal.

Because, if you had paid the buyer to have the offer remain until it completed, the offeror cannot revoke his offer but YOU do not have to accept the offer. Question, is that after the specified time period of during the offer?


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  1. Posted by rara on January 26, 2009 at 11:23 pm

    ((: Check the contract for your answers! It differs from case to case.

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