New year’s

Its 2009 soon. Its another year soon. I can still remember my new year service for 2008 very vivdly as if it happened yesterday. I know this figure of speech is probably old, but it holds true for me now.

It was my last service in Singapore. It was also very close to the date I had to return to US. I remembered Pastor said that this year, God intends to prosper us, and Pastor will reveal God’s plans over the year’s services. Man did I wanna stay. But then he pointed Deuteronomy in the bible that read, God’s intent to prosper you will come true whether you are in the country or the city. That made me feel better. All the while I was wondering what my 2008 would be like, especially with all the major changes in life.

Looking back, this year just flew by. Whoosh. Things I did: I graduated with BA in Communication, I started working fulltime, I took the Holy Communion on a daily basis, I am more knowledgeable on handling my finances, I am at rest with knowing God made me rich, and that when I prosper, I shall not say it is by my own work, I drove, I got my dream car for my current circumstances (Honda Civic EX 2003), I moved to a nice carpeted apartment which has everything, the year is not that bad after all… I learnt success is something I owe myself, I was driven to failure so that I can start succeeding in things that matter, I volunteered at the YMCA, I set up a system for my incoming email and I was able to attend to important emails much more quickly and stop spam and diverted email traffic efficiently, I moved across town Buffalo -> Rochester, I helped Lina with a personal life decision (hehe shshhss), I joined a gym! and got personal training! woW, mmmmMMMmm! *Grunts* I took my first road trip to NYC and then going again to Pittsburgh on the last weekend of this year……

Now I’m usually not one who celebrates and believe in New Years. (I have a hard time accustoming myself to man-made rules and systems) But I think, this year, I’m actually going to do something. I’m going to do something for myself.

I hope, for 2009….

I learn no amount of pay is worth more than starting my own business.

I will have my own live, useful website.

I start taking care of my face *grins.

I will work grace towards getting my own house in US.

I will work grace towards financial freedom. (I first heard of this term in Robert Kiyosaki’s books. I loved the Rich dad poor dad book so much I despicably beg to keep that book from a friend. In the contents page, I have the handwritten note and signature of her boyfriend for valentine’s day? Her birthday? Xmas day? But then if it’s from your ex-bf you probably wanna get rid of it right. Especially if you don’t swing that way anymore. Lol.)

Maintenance 2009:

Still go to the gym, still have the car and the nice apartment, still owe success to myself, still help lina, still take holy communion, still wash my face, still volunteering.

SO! Next year is just going to get more BUSY!


Oh wait i wanna add:
The thing that will always go into every year’s “what-i did-s” is…
And that was in 2007. April. 21st.

Oh Yes and I was given a day more in 2007 (I flew to the US)
So God can really restore the days and years of our lives!
If He gave me one more day just because I accepted Christ, just imagine how many more weeks, months and year He will give you if you ask for it in the name of Jesus.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rara on December 24, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    (((((: I’m going to finish uploading the sermons for you! :]

  2. Hi Andrea

    Can please teach me how to set up email so as to filter out spams? I get up to 90% of them each day.

  3. Posted by andrea on December 25, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    Hi Malcolm! i got your message.

    Im sorry to hear about ur inbox, i used to hate emails, but i think i can help.

    Now do you mean literally spam or just emails that you might not want to receive instantly or promotional emails from stores?

    If you mean spam that nothing in the world can stop, you gotta delete your account. Eg. Viagra emails, or “you won a million dollars” email. Can’t do anything about that, your email add landed in the wrong hands.

    Transfer all your important contacts into a new account. Gotta do it that way. No choice. Keep your account alive for a while to catch seasonal contacts or to check up on email history. You can even transfer email history to your new account if you want. (Forward to your new account eg)

    Now to prevent email spam ever again, be careful of who and how you give out your email address. Dont ever give it out to untrusty sites. Use another account so you wont have to start a new account over again. I have an account i use purely for spam and untrusty sites that i renew every year. Also, in your website, dont ever write down your email address in this format:; do this instead: abc at abc dot com. This prevents the spam bots from picking up your email address while scanning the WWW and also not alienate your readers.

    If you are using Gmail, play around with the filters. I have over 15 filters commands set up on my one email which i use to forward from all my email accounts.

    Hope my tips help!

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