Holy Communion with the Bible/A won battle in “gay marriage” with the US Gov

Taking the Holy Communion every morning before work has been an easy habit for me to pick up. Perhaps too much of a habit that I lost the meaning of it.

Watching the “Health and Wholeness Through the Holy Communion” reminded me of the way to partake — partaking worthily.

To partake worthily is not to judge oneself and then go away from the Lord because one is full of sin. To partake worthily is to judge how much Jesus has done for us on that little piece of bread and ¼ pint of drink and take it, with full consciousness of the pain and suffering Jesus went through to give us the ultimate blessing, divine health.

But I can’t do it by myself. By my own will, I tried to squeeze out details of his crucifixion from my mouth. I tried to concentrate. Speaking in tongues. Do whatever. Blessed-ly the sermon also referred me to a passage in the Holy Bible.

Isaiah 52:13 to 53. So much details about Jesus death, so much glory in it. it is titled, “The Suffering and Glory of the Servant.”

In another video sermon, titled “The spirit of sonship in the benjamin generation”, Pastor said, “when a Son lowers himself to be a Servant, there is Glory.”

In that same sermon, I got the idea (in my bubble bath) that it all comes together that Obama is going to win the election. We are the Benjamin generation and we will stop the war and help rebuild Israel.

Frankly, I was very impressed with Biden in the debate with Palin. He was very sure the Obama-Biden administration will stop the war. He also knew how to focus on the positives when talking about gay marriage. He is right. Marriage has no business in the government, it is a spiritual thing, why get the government tangled up in something they have no ground to speak? So I consider it a won war when it comes to the government, because they are saying “no differnence in civil rights from any heterosexual couples, no difference in will making, hospital visitation rights, insurance, property ownership…” That is as good as a ‘yes’.

Is the Singapore government going to do all that? Nah. Doubt so.


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