This is a Special Weekend…

Because it is my first weekend away from work!

I worked 8-4 everyday and when was the last time I woke up every morning consecutively….? Hm… Probably in Primary school.

So anyway last weekend I successfully moved 99% of my stuff in 2 cars over a 90 minute road trip to Rochester, where my new house will be. I live in a room in an apartment shared by, hm, well, 4 other roommates. It’s pretty lively here plus the kids’ neighbours come over all the time. 2 of my roommates sleep in the living room with an air-mattress so there’s room for everyone. Cool huh.

I did not unpack much. My stuff are pretty much still organized in cardboard boxes. Only took out the necessities, like my cup, one packet of cereal, my work clothing (which i found out i don’t really need to wear them), undies and stuff.

My work allows me to learn about stuff I am very interested in. Like web searching, product comparison, product writeups, SEO (search engine optimizing), some basic web developing. The pay is low, but I guess I am still learning 🙂 The boss is a very driven person. He comes in everyday and keeps us updated on the company’s goals, as well as tells us some of the stuff he is handling right now to keep the company going. Right now, I feel that the company is planning to have very exciting changes ahead (after finishing up some of the current methodical gunk.) I hope to learn more in the future because I want my personal goals to align with the company’s.

Well, that’s about it.

I shall not reveal too much about my personal future plans. Because I value privacy, both mine and my friend’s. But of course, if you are my friend, I don’t mind telling you, provided you don’t put it on loudspeaker.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by yunbi on July 25, 2008 at 11:55 pm

    wat wat plans? so coy…..

  2. hey u!! where u now man? wad coy??? hehe…miss ya…come to sg once in a while ya?

  3. yayayaya i MISSSSSS SG lehhhhhhh. omg. i think i’m gonna just indulge in ST Interactive to relieve my homesickness. 😛

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