All you people in Singapore!!!!
All my special girls. How are you doing. I aspire to see you more blessed than me.

The one thing we have in common is Jesus.

The Bible is laced with details that remind us again and again of our Father’s Love. Once you find a little piece of gold, you never stop searching for more.

Ever since I’ve known Jesus, I have worked harder than never before. I dare to take risks, I focus on my challenges, I bring His Glory as a shield, I do realise I may have fallen into works. But all in all, the lift always comes supernaturally from Him. And now I declare:

Nothing is more important in this world, but Him. Not my letterbox, not my laundry, not my emails, not the half-eaten food in the refrigerator or the state of my bedroom or the cleanliness of my toilet bowl… I may sound like a hypocrite saying all these, because I do not give Him the priority He should get everyday. My emails come first, and then the people around me. Facebook is more fun. But still, He is faithful.

But still, I manage to praise Him before I go to sleep at night. And I ask for His blessings, his favor over my interviews, my daily tasks. He’s with me. For I rose up to my tasks without breaking a sweat.

He asked, why do I take so little from Him? For the time invested in Him is never wasted.
He asked, why do my plans not include Him? For He is the alpha and the omega. Nothing is done without Him. (Lord Jesus Christ)


One response to this post.

  1. Heya! =)

    I can see you are standing on a firm foundation aka the grace of our LORD Jesus Christ! =D

    May your time away be absolutely blessed and may you find favour everywhere you go. Daddy loves U!

    ( a good thing about being where u are, u can watch daystar w/o having to stay up at odd hours to catch pastor prince on telly hehe)

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