How I save Gas

Gas prices goes up by a few cents with every trip to the gas station. Somebody do something! It used to be 3.70 something per gallon, then its 3.90 something, now it is 4.09 a week ago and the all new 4.20 I haven’t used yet. A full tank of 12 gallons now cost me close to 50 USD. I am trying to make it last as long as possible.

During Driving
-Put on neutral gear whenever possible, like at red lights and down a slope.
-Unload unnecessary items off the car, like snow brush from winter and telephone book
-Drive at steady pace. I will not accelerate just because there is “space” infront of my car.
-Plan my trip and take the shortest distance. There are many ways to plan a trip: Using a gps, map, google maps, ask for directions instead of circling around.

-Will not circle around to find the nearest parking spot. Instead, choose a parking spot reasonably close to the exit and enjoy the walk.

Alternative Transport
-Taking the bicycle in and around campus, if the weather permits.


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