Graduation Trip, with Family

Ah I took such a long time to recover from my trip and all that hype about Graduation that WordPress had me logged out and that one by one I see my friends posting their grad photos in facebook that I must be the last. What? Did you just had another graduation?

So. Here I am. This is too big an event in my life to skip blogging about.


Over the last few weeks. Many many events took place.
-I graduate from college.
-My parents came to Buffalo.
-We then took off for a trip around Eastern US.
-L came to join me in NYC.
-We then return to Buffalo.

How did I even manage all these? I sure look happy in these pictures.
(Look out for captions under FB Photos. They better explain the story.)

Family at my University.

We went Downtown Buffalo. Boring!


We took a boat along Hudson River and attempt to snap shots of Liberty Sexy as background.

Madame Tussard, NYC, one of the most fun exhibitions.

Mum and Dad didn’t want to take pictures with the lifeless people, so me and brother went wild.

At the United Nations

On top of the Empire state Building

Liberty Bell, Philadelphia.
It was pouring like crazy. We only had time to take a snapshot of the bell and go under umbrellas to our next destination.

All these tight schedule and traveling had me feeling tired most of the time. Plus the crazy 6 a.m. morning calls (sometimes 5 a.m.), it was like back to camp. Plus I would use the Internet until 1 or 2am. We would change hotels everyday and every night, I would go hunting for free wireless Internet access. Surprisingly, the 4 or 5 star hotels were stingy with the Internet access while a 3 star hotel in the city of small town Buffalo gave free Internet service straight to the rooms. I met Swei at one of the business centers. She gave her nationality away with a ‘la’ in one of her sentences!

By the way, do you know Crabtree & Evelyn endorsed their products with Hilton hotels? Sucks in breath. I use Crabtree & Evelyn shampoo/conditioner/soap bar/body lotion everyday, even their shower cap! I hope my brother used their shaver cream.

Washington D.C.

Don’t ask me what memorials are these. There are Korean War, Thomas Jefferson, White House, Roosevelt, etc..

Outside the White House sits and lives an old lady protesting against presidents. Any president. Since 1981.

Enroute to Boston, we stopped by Hershey Factory and the Corning Glass Museum.

I am amazed at the merchandise Hershey has: lipstick, lip balm, customizable chocolate wrappers, chocolate trucks, body spray.. would anyone want to smell like food? Oh yes.

Corning Glass. We were entertained with a live glass blowing show and ushered off 3 major exhibitions: Historical, Contemporary and Abstract.

My favorite glass sculpture

Niagara Falls
Maid of the Mist ride. A close-up of the Niagara Falls where even water-proof skin can’t save you. Everyone has their chance at the corny raincoat which doesn’t leave an inch of your clothes dry if you intend to brave the winds and the falls a.k.a. stand right at the edge of the boat.

Night View at the Niagara Falls

Ducks with raincoats: Some comic relief of the storm on the Maid of the Mist ride.

At Niagara Falls, there were talks of looping in the West Coast as part of their USA adventure. My mum was the first one who mentioned it. Sadly, we couldn’t find any good last minute deals at all. My dad decided no.

Before we reached Niagara Falls, the tour guide checked our passports and delivered us the news that we weren’t able to enter Canada because we didn’t have the Canadian visas. Singaporeans can enter Canada with a U.S. visa, but since we are still holding a Malaysian passport after all these years of living in Singapore, Canada needs to see our visa for its country. Sometimes, I forgot I am a Malaysian. I also forgot I cannot leave the country because I am waiting for my EAD card to arrive. Mr. tour guide wanted to try and apply for us at the border, but because of me, dad decided no again.

I just found out today I CAN LEAVE THE COUNTRY if my OPT application is still pending and my EAD card hasn’t arrive! DARN!

Because of skipping Canada (I heard Montreal was a blast! Awwwww.) we had 1 more day in Boston, our second last stop The last few days was rather relaxing. I fully recoup all my lost sleep hours.

A must-have delicacy in Boston.

Look how I am enjoying. Oh gosh so paiseh!

The next day we went to a harbor. Beautiful……….

At Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts, with my rocker hairstyle

Quincy Market
Shopping, finally. And some free-and-easy time.

Harvard, Yale, MIT

Rub the shoes and get good grades. Some student started this belief and soon his shoe shine quite a bit.

Dad graduated again.
This is where Yale students will graduate.

On Boston streets, while waiting for our bus to come, we really get a kick out of taking pictures of…

The Breakers Mansion

We were not allowed pictures in the mansion, too bad, cos it was really like an English house setting.

Some army camp.

Back in NYC, we went…
Wulbury Outlet Mall. Mum was happiest here.

Also at Times Square, NYC

Lina came! And we went to Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NYC.

The grass was just so awesome. I don’t mind being reborn as a cow in America.

To measure our fitness level, we attempted to cross the Brooklyn Bridge without any water and came down the other side like dried-up prunes.

Parallel to Brooklyn Bridge is the Manhatten Bridge, which also carries the subway from Manhatten island to Brooklyn.

Do you know, there is a Singaporean Cafe in Manhatten, NYC? I had Mee Siam (orange mesh) and she had Beef Rendang (white rice and orange beef) and we shared sambal kangkang (green veg). Yum! My mee siam came without soup. She questioned if it was authentic. Wah lao! I feel a little cheated already… *sob*

The 2 things I’m holding in my hands are Haagen Dazs ice-cream and Bubble Milk Tea. Yes… all in the same night… how to not grow fat! Bubble tea is becoming the Coke of Asians!

(Part of) Central Park

No I don’t believe Central Park is always that crowded. It was a Monday but a holiday—Memorial Day.

We hung around for almost half an hour and a phenomenon happened. People were taking their tops off, like a kallang wave, one by one, as if infected by a topless virus… Ah, won’t you love to be there? A variation of the Nude Beach—Nude Park? I encouraged Lina to strip, but she growled at me. I know she secretly wants to take off her top too. Lol.

8hour drive back to Buffalo! WOW!

We drove from 130 p.m. to 930 p.m.. Had longggggg rest breaks in between. Tired man. My speed limit increased from 75mph to 88mph, just to make it for dinner. OMG.



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