I am stuck! (Work in the U.S. Part 2)

H1B1 is the special 6,500 visas left for Singaporeans and citizens of Chile!
The Downside: Singaporean PR are not allowed to apply to H1B1 (that’s me). But H1B1 visa applicants are not allowed to apply for the green card (PR in U.S.).

My Choices now are narrowed to:
-Change my citizenship to Singaporean.
-Finding a organization that is not subjected to H1-B cap e.g. Universities and Non-Profit Org.
-Taking up MBA (E-Commerce, Marketing, IT) — relocation? online? part-time?
-Trying my luck at H1B and fight with all the Indians and China people.

I think I can change easily. When I was in Primary 6, 12 years old, I almost did but my parents didn’t want me to. I was young, I naturally thought my parents knew better. But Malaysian citizenship is very hard to get, for a Chinese. So the mystery remains as to whether I will go back to Malaysia. I can’t imagine going back to my dad’s family as a tourist.

Finding a non-subjected co. will not be difficult but whether I will like it? Getting a H1B through this method allows me to apply for a Green Card simultaneously so it’s not a bad idea. Taking up MBA is a viable (and, possible) option, since I want to do it sooner or later.

Fighting for a H1B card is next to impossible. The numbers ran out on the first day. The following year, Immigration had to tell the companies to slow down the application by offering all who applied within a week’s period the same chances of getting the visa. Back a few years ago, this didn’t happen. Miller Mayer, an attorney for Immigration Law, said that this mad rush will continue for the next few years.

Getting a Green Card is especially PITA (pain in the ass) through employment.
– Your employer must make sure you are the one and only foreign worker suitable for this job.
– Your employer must put up ads for a fixed number of days.
– He must interview all interested US applicants and make sure there is NO ONE suitable for the job or NO ONE who wants the job.
– Then only you are the hope of their company…
– Then only US Immigration will grant your Green Card. Cool huh!

OR, I can leverage the Diversity Lottery to my advantage… It seems difficult to do anything in the U.S. without the Green Card. Of course I go for maximum freedom!


7 responses to this post.

  1. troublesome for prospect n freedom

  2. Hi, I just got on your blog a little while ago. I was doing a search for anything about Joseph Prince. I don’t know if this is helpful to you or not, but I am a graduating student at Charis Bible College here in Colorado Springs, CO. Andrew Wommack Ministries is a non-profit org. It’s a 2 year college, 3 if you want to teach in one of the schools. Thought this may be helpful to you. I will say there are a growing number of us who are encouraged by Joseph’s teachings. I get the blessing of handing out Destine to Rein on a regular basis. 😉

    Here is the ministry website: http://www.awmi.net


  3. Hey Andrea, remember me?

    I’m Clement, Wilma’s friend whom you met in MCA, KLCC.

    I didn’t know you are in the U.S already and just wanna drop by to say hi!

    Nice blog you have here. Will come back and check more often.


  4. Posted by passerby on May 12, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    Singaporean PR? Singaporeans are Singaporeans, PRs are PRs. I believe there isn’t any ‘Singaporean PR’.

  5. Posted by RARA on May 18, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    Been here.

    My favourite post was the one which in your last blog on how fluffed rara is. You can rest your heart that nothing has changed. My commitment is something that even i myself is appalled by. I’m waiting for Eunice and kakkish to accept my basket and effectively wasting time. I’m still doing that dreadful data entry and i owe u money for what you’ve done for me. I’ve finished my semester, but no i’m still going to school because i’ve enrolled in a summer term which spells extended agony. I stopped blogging because i cannot comunicate anymore. We can perhaps communicate in binary terms. I’m glad that you ain’t coming back for like what we’ve speculated… i probably wouldn’t have realised that you’ve been gone. I say, even if you come back 5 years later, nothing would have changed. I’m sure hope there wouldn’t be anymore fluff. You would be amused to know how God preserves. Hope your fried rice skills have improved by leaps and bounds. Till then, will drop by again 6 months later.

  6. u mean u are not coming back to sg????!?!?!?

  7. anyway i started work on 13jun too =)

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